Always transport at the right temperature

Food, plants, chemicals or fuels are temperature-sensitive goods. If they are transported at the wrong temperature, their quality inevitably suffers.

Temperature monitoring is therefore essential for transport companies that rely on keeping their freight at stable temperatures. With instant reports to show the temperate of the load you are carrying, your clients will feel reassured that their freight is in safe hands.

Transport Snow

All your data at a glance

  • Easily check that your freight is at the correct temperature at all times.
  • Improve customer service by providing instant temperature monitoring reports to your clients.
  • Meet the required standards for transporting food and chemical products.
  • Gain valuable insight into temperature data from different systems in one overview.
  • Connect the on-board computer directly to the engine of the cooling unit.

Warnings when temperatures are too high or too low

Our system monitors the temperature of your load at all times. If your trailers are equipped with sensors, the driver can intervene when necessary. With the help of door sensors and warnings in the cab and at the office the quality and safety of your goods are continuously monitored.

View temperature data from the office

The temperature module in FleetCockpit enables remote monitoring of the temperature and door sensors and the autonomous cooling trailers. With a complete overview of your freight, including sensor history, alarms and track & trace functionality, you’ll always have your finger on the pulse.


Warning system in the truck

If the temperature sensors notice a change in the preset temperate of your load the on-board computer will warn your driver, ensuring that they are instantly informed in the event of a problem (and able to intervene if required).

Do you want a reliable, simple and consistent temperate monitoring solution for your freight?

How does Trimble make the difference?

Maximum overview

View and control a wealth of data about your freight’s temperate from one simple back-office application, regardless of the chosen temperature monitoring solution.

Data in real-time

Warnings are always given in real time, allowing you to respond in a timely manner in the event of temperature fluctuations.

Effortless integration

Our solutions bring various data sources together into one dashboard, integrating with most systems easily.

A solution for all your needs

Our solutions monitor both temperature sensors and autonomous cooling trailers with ease.

Data security

Your data is always complete, protected and available.