An overview of all your transport orders

Managing transport orders is an important yet complex matter for planners. A clear and simple overview of all orders, as well as their execution status, allows planners to assign tasks to drivers and cars in a cost-effective way.

Your drivers will be able to report and account for their time registration using a handy question path. This provides planners with real-time insight into the status of each task.


Question path provides structured information

  • Instant access to all the information for your task management and logbook
  • A real-time and structured view of the status of your tasks
  • Follow the activities of your drivers in real-time
  • Make ad hoc adjustments to invoicing or planning based on feedback provided.
  • Ensure all driver tasks are completed without overlooking anything
  • Import registered hours of activities directly into FleetHours, the software for time and expense processing

Easily organise your trips

Tasks and question paths can easily be configured and adjusted to your specific requirements. Additional programming is not necessary; ​​you can organise your jobs and routes more efficiently with ease.

Trip assignment from the on-board computer

Less paper and clearer communication is just around the corner! Your drivers receive their tasks directly from the on-board computer. From there, they can navigate to the destination or call a contact person.

During every trip the driver can see all the data on the on-board computer while your planner can view the status of each task in FleetCockpit.


Activity report via question paths

A question path guides the driver when completing his time and task reports. This information is further processed in the TMS, along with planning, wages and expense calculations.

You can easily adjust the activities and associated question paths to any type of transport and adapt them at any time to changing circumstances.

Ready for smart task management?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Customisable to your business

The activities and corresponding question paths can be infinitely adjusted to each type of transport.

Data in real-time

Instant access to up-to-date information about the status of all tasks, displayed in a logical and simple way.

State-of-the-art technology

FleetCockpit is designed for making large amounts of data consumable and transparent to you. We use the most advanced technologies for this.


Question paths are simple to install in FleetWorks and integrated with ease.

Complete overview

You get a wealth of information about all your transport orders in one handy dashboard.