A clearer overview for streamlined dispatching

Dispatching is integral to the success of every transport company. The dispatcher collates and manages multiple points of information to ensure their fleet is both cost and time efficient.

The fast and accurate processing of this data puts pressure on your employees and on the quality of your services. A clear insight brings serenity and guarantees an efficient and clear operation.

FleetCockpit op de planning
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With FleetCockpit, your fleet is only a click away

  • One-stop-shop: easily see up-to-the-minute information on your fleet, drivers and shipments in one single view.
  • Personalise the tool and customise its settings to your own specific requirements.
  • Acces all your data from any location.
  • Plan your routes easily and intuitively.
  • Respond quickly to every situation thanks to a real-time overview of your fleet.
  • Inform your customers in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Manage your drivers more efficiently.

How does it work?

FleetCockpit provides simplicity

Dispatchers can manage tasks and trips in FleetCockpit to monitor the entire fleet from one single view. The tool indeed offers many benefits.

All-in-one data overview

Using various Trimble on-board computers, the tool collects data from multiple sources and collates that data into one single view. All contact moments and activity history appear with full details of each record alongside a visual display of activities.


Easy communication

Planners and drivers can communicate with one another quickly and efficiently via FleetCockpit. This allows the driver to concentrate on what counts most: safe driving.


Improved customer service

Ease of use is at the heart of FleetCockpit. By centralising all planning aspects into one single view, the dispatcher can make adjustments and inform customers about the status of their shipments instantly. Better customer service is just a click away!

A wealth of information

Planners have access to a wealth of information in the FleetCockpit dashboard.

Continuous ETA control

  • Current and historical position on a map
  • Current activities and tasks
  • Destination, route and expected arrival time (ETA)
  • Routing with point-to-point connection or corridoring
  • Live traffic information
  • Route cost calculation

At a glance

  • Coupled or autonomous trailers
  • Notifications and warnings
  • Completed and remaining driving hours of your drivers
  • Detailed information about your shipments
  • Activity reports on vehicle and driver with downtime justification

Useful modules


FleetCockpit Mobile

FleetCockpit Mobile is a fast way to manage your fleet when you are not at your desk. You can view the most recent positions of your vehicles via an easy-to-use website on your smartphone. Read messages from drivers, view the list of urgent alarms from your fleet. It’s that simple!


Dynamic reporting

Dynamic reports provide easy analysis and optimization of your processes. In the reporting module, a number of reports on the most common KPIs in transport are available by default.  Using predefined or self-configured filters and drilldown functions in the report, you can zoom in on the things that are important to you (for example, alarms for long waiting times).

Want to know more about FleetCockpit?

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No FleetCockpit without FleetWorks

Our FleetWorks back-office application enables you to configure the entire administration of your fleet. FleetCockpit then combines all data into user-friendly insights.

  • Parameters per vehicle
  • Driver identification
  • Define user groups
  • Contact management integrated with the task and trip assignment module, the navigation software and the communication module
  • Configuration of question paths for the task follow-up
  • Define warnings
  • Generate tacho download
  • Reporting

More insight into the service times of your drivers?

FleetCockpit provides a complete visual overview of the service times of your drivers in one dashboard. This is not only crucial for planning, but also helps you avoid expensive overtime and unpaid hours.

Ready to get started with FleetCockpit?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

All in one

The dispatcher sees all fleet, shipment and driver data on one single screen.

Ease of use

FleetCockpit can be fully adjusted according to the wishes of the dispatcher.

State-of-the-art technology

FleetCockpit is designed for making large amounts of data consumable and transparent to you. We use the most advanced technologies for this.

Open architecture

FleetWorks is easy to integrate with your own software.

A view on waiting times

The cause of customers’ waiting times can be clearly identified, making it possible to reduce delays and save on costs both for the customer and for you.