The right information at the right time

To ensure the optimum efficiency of your trucks and drivers, an overview of your entire fleet is essential.

Data on driving times, rest times and shipments helps you plan journeys efficiently and communicate more clearly. Having full visibility of estimated arrival times allows you to keep your customers perfectly informed.

Notable cost savings can be achieved alongside improvements in customer service and employee satisfaction.

Track & Trace

Overcoming challenges in the office and on the road

The remote management of your fleet involves numerous complications:

  • Frequent phone calls with drivers are time-consuming.
  • Just-in-time work and respecting waiting times is a challenge.
  • With complex working hours legislation, the monitoring of your drivers has become a hard job.
  • In the event of theft your shipments may never be found.

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Clear overview

Trimble solutions combine truck, trailer and shipment data into bite-sized insights to optimise your fleet management.


At a glance, gain valuable insight about the positions of your vehicles, their estimated arrival times, coupled trailers, driving times and other crucial information that makes your fleet run as efficiently as possible.

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Temperature management

Both drivers and planners can monitor the temperature in the load space at any time. This enables you to ensure the quality of your temperature-controlled freight.

Task and trip management

Handy tasks, activities and question paths allow drivers and planners to collaborate easily to ensure each job is completed smoothly.


Service Time Manager

Maintain a complete overview of driving and rest times, waiting times and loading and unloading times for each driver. This helps you distribute the workload evenly and avoids employees working too many, or too few hours. Service Time Manager also significantly reduces the risk of fines and violations of working hours legislation.


Exchanging data, signing for receipt or delivery, and tracking the shipment status: everything happens digitally with the e-CMR. Neatly via your on-board computer.


Are you ready for more effective tracking of your loads and drivers with Trimble?

This is how Trimble makes the difference


GPS or geolocation is Trimble’s area of expertise across the world.

You are not alone

Trimble tracks more than 1 million vehicles and trailers worldwide.

Trust us

Trimble’s data is reliable, real-time and always available.

Customer service

Keep your customers informed of the estimated time of arrival, and update them about any changes as they happen.

A Complete overview

You can see a wealth of information about your entire fleet at a glance.