Strength in partnership

It’s a common problem: Too many trucks on the road without cargo, while elsewhere shipments are waiting for appropriate transport. This is not only expensive but also harmful to the environment.

To avoid problems more efficient collaboration with other freight forwarders, carriers and owner drivers is needed.

Logistiek warehouse

Easier said than done

Collaboration in transport means easier transport , there is no doubt about that. In practice however, the same everyday problems have to be overcome:

  • Freight forwarders and subcontractors all have their own processes. The administrative burden caused by monitoring freight slows your efforts considerably.
  • Keeping an overview of your own shipments is a challenge in itself. On top of that, if you collaborate with other carriers and subcontractors you risk getting lost in the chaos.
  • Collaborating effectively with new subcontractors is a challenge and tailoring your planning software to the changing demand can be problematic. Your customers also demand competitive prices.

How does it work?

Are you ready to collaborate with your logistics partners and track your shipments online?

easy shipment collaboration

eShipCo makes your work easier by facilitating communication between the different parties in the transport chain and showing where improvements can be made. There is still a lot of potential for optimization in transport.

The strength of your network

eShipCo enables flexible collaboration. With our cloud-based platform you can create your own community in order to offer, accept and follow shipments with partners. Your operation becomes more efficient, saving time for what really counts: growing your business.


Helping you find the best partner

eShipCo offers opportunities at every level in the transport chain: It’s for freight forwarders, carriers and owner drivers.

  • Real-time insight into shipment progress, from acceptance to execution
  • Time savings through reduced administration
  • Secure service at peak times thanks to the strength of your network
  • Easy collaboration with independent drivers via the smartphone application

Let’s ship together!

Are you ready to collaborate more efficiently?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Data in real-time

Shipment information is updated in real-time via the cloud.

Matching in transport

Shipments can be searched for and filtered according to transport type, load type and load conformity.

Effortless integration

With Trimble on-board computers and with your own transport management system.

Complete overview

You can easily find all your shipments and logistics partners.

Data security

Your data is always complete, protected and available.