Clear view on service times

Drivers are the heart of your transport company so having an overview of their service times and hours worked can help you realise more efficient operations in your organisation. This valuable information will help assign tasks accordingly and prevent drivers from accumulating too much overtime, keeping costs under control.


Smarter planning for notable savings

  • Spread the workload evenly among all drivers.
  • Avoid cost for non-productive hours.
  • Assign ad hoc tasks to drivers when they have time available.
  • Maintain an overview of your drivers’ service times.
  • Avoid expensive overtime.
  • Reduce the risk of violations of driving and rest times legislation and avoid fines.
  • View a visual display of tacho data.
  • Monitor the service times of your drivers down to the minute and avoid manual corrections in wage software.

Evaluate, anticipate and optimise working hours

Service Time Manager collates driving times to enable you to make better decisions in organising your transport more efficiently.

Unlock real-time insight into the activities of your drivers during driving, rest, waiting, loading and unloading times. This also enables you to check the productivity of each driver.


Benefit from real-time projection of the total number of working hours within a certain period. By comparing that prediction with the maximum number of hours, you can assign tasks optimally.


The Service Time Manager also enables you to react when drivers complete their working hours faster or slower than expected. The planner can then redistribute the tasks accordingly.

on-board computer

The Service Time Manager enables you to easily schedule planned absences, leave or training sessions.

Service Time & HR Manager

Planners gain real-time insight into the activities of drivers for any given period (day, month, week or quarter). The hours worked by each driver, as well as any registered absences, are considered for the evaluation of the hours in each employment contract.

Service Time Manager

Are you ready to get started with Service Time Manager?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Accurate service times

The data quality of Trimble’s on-board computers ensures accurate service times.

Clear display

Insight at a glance into your drivers’ service times.

Simple solution

Get a complete overview of service times by combining the Truck4U on-board computer, which requires no interaction with the driver, and the Service Time Manager.

Accurate calculation of wages

The planners and dispatchers responsible for monitoring working hours can enter corrections to ensure wages are calculated correctly.

Avoid unnecessary cost

Expensive overtime and unpaid hours are avoided.