“Fantastic decision-making assistance”

Equipped with a Trimble computer system integrated in its operation and social management IT network, Jean-François Brou, CEO of RSO in Toulouse, explains his HR and means management strategy in the following interview.

The CarCube enables me to measure what I do. The software computes my ratios on a daily basis, as well as the turnover and gross margins per kilometre and hour of work.

Jean-François Brou
Jean-François Brou
CEO, Transports RSO

“How can one still work without an on-board computer system? The Trimble solution is the basis of our IT ad decision-making process, allowing us to manage our fleet’s profitability.” Heading a family-owned company comprised of 95 employees and 30 trucks equipped with CarCube Trimble Transport & Logistics on-board computers since late 2011, Jean-François Brou is also one of the founders of OTRE (Organisation des Transporteurs Routiers Européens or “Organisation of European Road Hauliers”) and is a member of the FLO group. The CEO of RSO asks a simple yet relevant question in 2013, year of the ecotax. “One must make a difference between geo-localisation and on-board computer systems”, said the transportation director.

“With Trimble, I have a comprehensive tool connected to various appliances, communicating precious information in real-time from the road to the company. I couldn’t work without it. The main criterion having determined the choice of Trimble was the manufacturer’s ability to communicate with my company’s other trade programmes. This flexibility is fundamental, as what we need is a global traceability chain.”

“The reliability of information given by Trimble is fundamental.”

Using the Item operational software and Solid social management software, the director explains the systems’ interconnection: “Remote downloading of social data is a major step forward, as well as an obvious time gain. The data is transferred automatically from Trimble to Solid, at midnight at the end of each month. On the next day, at midday, salaries are paid! All I have to do is press a button to initiate the operation on my trucks’ CarCubes, based in 4 sites.” Driver card data is gathered on a daily basis and communicated to scheduling every week.

carcube chauffeur

I am therefore able to measure what I do, specifically my company’s turnover and daily profitability. The software computes my ratios on a daily basis, as well as the turnover and gross margins per kilometre and hour of work. This is why the reliability of all information communicated by Trimble is fundamental.

Jean-François Brou
Jean-François Brou
CEO, Transports RSO

“Optimising the drivers’ timetable”

Decision-making assistance and the ability to react following client requests also pertains to the company’s operation. “On-board computer systems allow us to invert operations between transport organisers and drivers”, said Jean-François Brou.

In non-equipped companies, the drivers make decisions, not the bosses! With Trimble, we are indeed able to optimise a driver’s timetable. We can compute distances between assignments and decide on the feasibility of a freight management, for example. We remain in control.

Jean-François Brou
Jean-François Brou
CEO, Transports RSO

“We take care of operations subsequently. We know exactly when a driver takes breaks. The company is therefore able to comply with regulations and pay hours worked accurately. The CarCube communicates hours worked and breaches in real-time. As a result, drivers don’t cheat anymore,” continues Brou.

“Trimble is the best system for consumption monitoring.”

People management is a working method which entails cost reduction. “Thanks to the Trimble solution, and therefore to the information given to us, we optimise distances, decrease empty mileage by 4 to 5%, as well as our fuel consumption. Regarding this point, Trimble is clearly better than its competitors. Analysis data is also provided with consumption monitoring: we know the exact consumption of a driver and why, according to his route, his vehicle and his performances. Trimble provides us with a general table pertaining to our 22 drivers, allowing us for example to compare the benefits of a rational driving training and of using recent trucks.”

The information given by the CarCube is therefore indispensable in order to decide which investments we are going to make. It also allows us to set an ecological challenge for our drivers. It is indeed a natural human reaction to strive to be the best when one knows one’s performances are being measured.

Jean-François Brou
Jean-François Brou
CEO, Transports RSO
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Transports RSO is a family-owned company with 95 employees and 30 trucks equipped with Trimble’s CarCube on-board computer. Transports RSO transports goods throughout the entire southern part of France.

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