Trimble’s Next Generation CarCube for Transportation and Logistics Makes a Difference at Sotrami

Transports Sotrami has deployed Trimble’s telematics software solutions and next generation CarCube on-board computer that operates faster, enhances navigation capabilities and automates the management of driving hours to improve operations.

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The Rethel (France – Ardennes) based transport SME Sotrami has about 30 industrial vehicles. The fleet of tractors and semi-trailers displays the company’s slogan in red and yellow: “L’urgence au quotidien” (“Urgent transport, every day”). Sotrami provides fast transport operations in a variety of industries ranging from automotive and pharmaceutical to food-processing. For over 6 years, they have been using Trimble’s CarCube on-board computers and telematics software. In March 2016, Sotrami installed the next generation CarCube.

Enhanced GPS Capabilities

The drivers are satisfied.

Sylvain Tomezak
Operations Director, Sotrami

In the back-office, transportation managers can also see a marked difference in the system as well: “We welcome the improved truck display on the Trimble track and trace map in the FleetWorks back office application,” explains Tomezak. With improvements in location capabilities, the vehicle position is even more precise. CoPilot Truck, the truck-specific navigation software from ALK, a Trimble Company, also provides a larger scale of setting options.


“With CoPilot Truck drivers have the ability to customize their routing profiles based on vehicle dimensions and load their hauling, drivers also have more viewing features such as 2D or 3D view, display of driving instructions, display of speed alerts, alternative route calculations on the road, lane guidance indicators with display options and much more.”

Automated Social Management

In regard to automating administrative tasks, the director said: “The next generation CarCube (version 6) supports the remote download of digital tachograph data without a company card being required in the on-board system. This was not possible with the previous hardware generation.”


With the CarCube connected to the Solid software application for social data or payroll processing and archiving, the processing of driving hours has become fully automated. In addition, we save time in the garage. Until now, the tachograph mass storage had to be sent to the corporate computers via USB. These tedious operations were done on weekends.

Sylvain Tomezak
Operations Director, Sotrami

A Compact and Responsive On-board Computer

The Trimble on-board computers were installed by Philippe Germy, a Truck Mechanic at Sotrami.

The new CarCube V6 is much more compact and easier to integrate into the dashboard. The central unit is in “car radio” DIN format, he explains. At the same time, the computer processing capability is also much faster. The difference is very clear when powering up the system or when switching from one application to another, especially for on-board navigation. The actions are almost instantaneous.

Philippe Germy
Truck Mechanic, Sotrami

The improved performance of the CarCube is due to a more powerful processor but also to a new and very reactive “flash” memory, which replaces the old hard-disk memory.

“The CarCube is silent; there’s no longer noise associated with the hard-drive memory processing,” adds Philippe Germy. The new touch screen, in 7-inch colour format as before, has a new panel which is more responsive with a higher resolution.

Improved Display

“The colour contrasts as well as the screen display have been improved and this increases the readability and eye comfort,” said Jean-Michel Rouchy, a driver at Sotrami. The international long-haul truck driver also sees significant progress as to the responsiveness of the on-board computer.

Whether it is to open a message box, to launch a navigation calculation over a long distance or to zoom in on a map, the display response is immediate.

Jean-Michel Rouchy
Driver, Sotrami

“The typical ease of use and ergonomics of the CarCube remain unchanged,” said Fabien Dusserre, director of Trimble Transport & Logistics France. “The new CarCube V6 marks real progress, but the functional features, which made the success of the CarCube, remain unchanged. It’s also important to note that the new hardware unit can be added to a fleet, which is already equipped with older models. Whatever the generation, the computers are compatible with the FleetCockpit platform from Trimble. The hardware upgrade remains the customer’s choice.”

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About Transports Sotrami

Transports Sotrami is a Rethel (France – Ardennes) based company which has been specializing in fast transport services since 1995. The company provides customized transport solutions from 1 kg to 30 ton throughout Europe. With 30 vehicles in its fleet, Sotrami operates in a wide range of industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, food-processing, high value-added products, events, dangerous goods and fresh products.

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Fast transport services in a wide range of industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, food-processing, high value-added products, events, dangerous goods and fresh products.

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