Consumption goal reached thanks to Trimble

Transports Papin comments the benefits of a Trimble on-board computer solution. With one leitmotiv: reducing fuel consumption. For Transports Papin, the fitting of a Trimble Transport & Logistics on-board computer solution is a general question of work process optimisation, and therefore financial gain.

This is an invaluable way to save on telephone expenses, carrier time, social management improvement and driver monitoring in order to avoid detours and therefore decrease fuel consumption.

Philippe Papin
Manager, Transports Papin

Partially equipped with CarCube on-board computers since mid-2010, its fleet of 250 trucks has been fully computerised since the 1st quarter of 2013. “At the beginning of each week, we analyse consumptions registered the previous week”, explains Ludovic Gamache, administrative manager at Transports Papin. “The Trimble solution produces a summary table detailing litres per driver, per day, according to the distance covered and to several other factors.”

carcube chauffeur

Separating all consumption types

The progressive implementation of the top of the range on-board IT solution also entails gradual familiarising with many functions. “The Trimble table separates all consumption types, in real-time and in average over a specific route or timeframe. It displays the consumption average during driving and in stationary position, specifically when the ignition is turned on but the vehicle isn’t moving. Consumed fuel is also expressed in PTO for our buckets and tanks’ hydraulic engines, associated with the weekly usage time of this auxiliary equipment. This allows us easily identify any abnormal loading or unloading times, and to request justification from concerned personnel.”

This table is essential to Transports Papin’s activity, at various decision-making levels. The tailor-made report generated by FleetWorks, the fleet management software designed by Trimble, is used by Ludovic Gamache, his boss patron Philippe Papin and the charterers who each consider the fleet they are in charge of.

If a driver consumes too much, his charterer calls him to order. He is able to justify things in an objective manner. It isn’t possible to cheat.

Ludovic Gamache
Administrative Manager, Transports Papin

Better route management

Consumption monitoring is a first step, soon to be followed by a second one: “We strive to adjust these figures per activity (bucket, tank and tautliner), in order to optimise our drivers’ driving styles. Our trainer already analyses our driving personnel’s velocity, regime, acceleration and braking behaviour reports. He is FCO certified and gives rational driving advice as part of these mandatory in-house training. All drivers integrating the company undergo a one or two-day employment course in order to accredit their learning.”

Gas-oil consumption is also optimised through better route management. ”Assignments are sent directly from our planning software to CarCubes, with references and loading locations. We no longer use the phone. On-board navigation is then initiated via truck mapping. This function is particularly appropriate to manage the last few miles covered as part of our Belgium-based assignments.”


The return on investment (ROI) of Trimble’s on-board computer system stretches beyond fuel consumption and driving. The whole company’s operation is optimised. “The on-board CarCube computer, connected to the digital au tachograph, is also fitted with a card reader which allows driver identification and data extraction from their chip”, indicated Ludovic Gamache. “The CarCube transmits legal files from the FleetWorks website —please note that we were the first carrier in France to validate and implement this service. Furthermore, the on-board system is interfaced with our social management software. Consequently, I am able to automatically view all data pertaining to a truck, without the driver being involved. The only requirement is that the vehicle be in movement. I am able to do this from my office, with phenomenal ease, resulting in substantial time gain!”

Optimal social management means better safety, no breaches and anticipation during assignments, hence optimal operation. It’s a virtuous circle.

Ludovic Gamache
Administrative Manager, Transports Papin
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About Transports Papin

Transports Papin is a French company that specialises in tank transport. With over 350 employees and 250 trucks the company operates throughout France and the Benelux.

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