Maszoński Logistic Equips Over 300 Trucks with Trimble’s On-board Computer

Maszoński Logistic is dedicated to providing international haulage services in the Western, Northern and Southern Europe using 100 – 120 cubed meter capacity vehicles.

The cooperation between Maszoński Logistic and Trimble began five years ago. The initial decision to select Trimble’s telematic solution was based on a variety of factors such as product innovation, easy and intuitive handling and an option to integrate with the company’s Transportation Management System (TMS) already in operation. In addition, the telematics solution was subjected to a detailed operation cost-related analysis. Recently, an agreement was concluded to extend this cooperation for subsequent years.

Lower Fuel and Driver Communication Costs

After years of using the Trimble telematics solution, Maszoński Logistic is experiencing significant benefits which include: increased platform stability and performance with Trimble FleetWorks/FleetCockpit as well as TMS data transfer, lower driver communication costs, decreased fuel consumption (due to corrected work time and driving habits), more effective use of driver work time, faster document flow, and easy report generation at the touch of a button.


Trimble is one step ahead of the competition in providing telematics solutions for transportation and logistics. This is why we are pleased to continue to use the solution.

Robert Świergiel
Managing Director, Maszoński Logistic

Efficient Communication and Control

With massive quantities of data from on-board computers and applications providing the basics for analyses, reports and decisions, efficient communication and controlling is of key importance. With this in mind, Maszoński Logistic is leveraging the following Trimble solutions:

  • Driver Performance Portal – allows driver performance to be controlled as per defined KPIs (key performance indicators). It helps effectively to shape the driver’s driving habits to lower costs and improve safety.
  • Realtime Status Board – displays all the main KPIs reflecting the operational status of transport processes. The Realtime Status Board flags up any events requiring immediate attention, leading to increased efficiency and avoidance of unnecessary costs.
  • FleetXPS – a mobile on-board computer combined with a high-quality barcode scanner and camera are ideal for supporting technical departments. It is designed to control vehicle equipment during vehicle check-in and check-out procedures carried out by the drivers. It provides current and detailed real-time data in the form of reports designed specifically for vehicles, tractors / trailers as well as deficiencies and damages.
  • FleetHours SaaS – a tool designed to facilitate MILoG (Mindestlohngesetz – German Minimum Wage Legislation) settlements, driver allowance and remuneration calculations as well as full fuel calculation control.
  • Remote Tacho Download (RTD) – a tool designed for remote driver card and tachograph data download following the established schedule.

Collaboration and Support

Functionality was not the only decisive factor in continuing to work with Trimble. It also included high-quality industry knowledge from Trimble representatives, support and immediate response to Maszoński Logistic’s needs. Warranty service was a key factor—requested services have been provided on time and, in some cases, ahead of the schedule.

The CarCube performs perfectly. We’ve been expanding our fleet for quite a few years. This enormous fleet driven over various European routes requires efficient management. Currently, while being the owner of 303 Jumbo and Mega sets and completing logistically complex deliveries with a just-in-time technique, CarCube allows human and equipment resources to be managed in a safer and more effective way,” said Mirosław Maszoński, owner and Chairman of the Board, Maszoński Logistic.

CarCube chauffeur

To sum it up, Trimble’s technology provides our company with extensive economic results. Meeting the service requirements of our customers make it necessary for us to implement innovative technologies and improve our procedures and operations to stay ahead of the competition. Without a reliable telematics system, it is impossible to compete in the tough TSL European market.

Mirosław Maszoński
Owner and Chairman of the Board, Maszoński Logistic

Maszónski about the Trimble solutions


About Maszoński Logistic

Maszonski has received a number of awards and distinctions. Recently, Maszoński Logistic Company received the award in the category of large transport companies by TOP 1500 – The Most Effective Managed Companies Transport in Poland and Logistics Operator of the Year 2014.
Overview references

Number of employees


Vehicle Fleet

303 (number of own vehicles), suppliers of the trucks: Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo


Transport and logistics

Operating Area

Western Europe


Software InterLAN SPEED

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