Trimble’s CarCube Keeps Track of Fuel Consumption for “Leszek i Agata”

Trimble’s CarCube on-board computers were successfully deployed in “Leszek i Agata” Sp. z o.o. truck tractors in January 2015. “Leszek i Agata,” which is part of the Oscar Group and headquartered in Tomaszów Lubelski, Poland, provides international transportation services for food and refrigerated products. Trimble’s telematics technologies have already brought tangible benefits to the company through lower fuel consumption.

Driving Style Analysis

“Leszek i Agata” realized that it needed a telematics system to plan journeys and to monitor and communicate with drivers since 2009, but due to complications in the Polish transportation market at the time many investments, including purchases of telematics systems, were put on hold.

With a large number of telematics system providers in the Polish market “Leszek i Agata” needed to carefully research what types of systems were available before it finally selected Trimble’s CarCube on-board computers. The key features of Trimble’s system included an affordable price, innovative technology and excellent customer service provided by Trimble during the planning, deployment stage, and actual use of the system.

CarCube chauffeur

In early 2015 we were finally able to make the investment that had been delayed for some time. We wanted to reduce fuel consumption and to improve communication between our dispatchers and drivers. Our goal was to effectively use the telematics system to enable our company to obtain substantial fuel savings through careful monitoring of our transport and logistics operations.

Leszek Kapka
President, “Leszek i Agata”

In addition to fuel savings, another objective was to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as the company focused on implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. The company also expects to be able to improve its fleet management and to speed up the planning and dispatch processes involving its vehicles and drivers.

All these measures—saving fuel, reducing emissions and improving fleet management and logistics planning—are expected to improve operations and strengthen our competitive edge.

Leszek Kapka
President, “Leszek i Agata”

Shorter Loading and Unloading Times

Preparations to roll out the Trimble telematics system for “Leszek i Agata” were made in 2014. In the beginning two people including a dispatcher were assigned for the deployment. Now, their jobs are to ensure that both dispatchers and drivers are adequately trained using the CarCube computer.

We employ a variety of drivers and we expected that they might resist using new technological applications. We were really surprised to see how quickly they can learn. I’m confident that they will soon adapt to the new working environment using the telematics system. We expect the new on-board computer system to shorten the waiting times for loading and unloading and to increase the efficiency of our fleet use, which we believe can allow us to improve our operations.

Leszek Kapka
President, “Leszek i Agata”

A truck makes money only when it is on the road. The goal of the Trimble CarCube on-board computers is to enable drivers on the road to increase mileage and reduce consumption whenever possible.

According to Paweł Wojtysiak of Trimble Transport & Logistics, “Leszek i Agata” is an excellent example of a comprehensive implementation of Trimble’s telematics system

At the beginning of the project the client clearly stated its objectives and the need to improve operational efficiency. For Trimble, the experience with “Leszek i Agata” was particularly important as this project provided an opportunity to all of the system’s functionalities fully. It was another showcase example of a telematics solution put into practice in the transport industry.

Paweł Wojtysiak
Trimble Transport & Logistics

About “Leszek i Agata”

Founded in 1998, “Leszek i Agata” is the core transport and logistics company of the Oscar Group, providing transportation services chiefly to and from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Russia. Its headquarters are in Tomaszów Lubelski. “Leszek i Agata” also offers comprehensive customs agency services and is building a network of overseas offices, including an office in Lviv, which opened in 2007, and an office in Kiev to be opened soon. “Leszek i Agata” stands for keeping promises, even if it sometimes means going out of its way. The company focuses on flexibility and customized solutions to meet its clients’ expectations.
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