Petroleum Transporter Johs. Martens Switches to Trimble’s CarCube On-board Computer

Transport company Johs. Martens GmbH & Co. KG Spedition has equipped its towing fleet with Trimble’s CarCube telematics solution and is now reaping efficiency gains. The integrated on-board computer allows the company to capture relevant, precise and reliable vehicle data. The driving behaviour analysis provided by the Driver Performance Portal is also supporting the development of targeted training that focuses on reducing fuel consumption.

We tested four different systems in parallel on our vehicles before selecting the CarCube on the basis of its performance and easy operation.

Johs Martens
Marcus Ulrich
Managing Director of Johs. Martens GmbH & Co. KG Spedition

With approximately 350 employees, Johs. Martens specialises in the transportation of petroleum and cryogenic gases in Germany. When the company was choosing a new telematics system, accurate data capture was a very important parameter for consideration. “Discrepancies in data were frequent occurrences with our old telematics solution and this was a source of discontent among our drivers,” said Ulrich.

carcube chauffeur

The switch to the CarCube has resolved these problems and restored the drivers’ faith in the technology with accurate recording of statistics such as driving and rest times. The Trimble system is also easier to use and the integrated navigation and messaging system are streamlining communications between drivers and back office. Another feature is the ability to use the CarCube as a display for the reverse and turn cameras, both part of the standard safety equipment installed in each of Johs. Martens’ vehicles.

The CarCube’s customisable programming options have also given Johs. Martens greater control over its internal workflows, allowing the transporter to optimise many of its processes, from order acceptance and administration to vehicle allocation.

Working with Trimble to customise the solution to meet our requirements was very smooth. The company provided strong support with the implementation of the CarCube and subsequent adaptations.

Johs Martens
Marcus Ulrich
Managing Director, Johs. Martens GmbH & Co. KG Spedition.

Driver Analyses for Optimised Fuel Consumption

The Driver Performance Portal is also providing a precise overview of its drivers’ driving behaviour. The software monitors a range of driving behaviours, including speed, cruise control usage, idle running acceptance and braking. The information is allowing Johs. Martens to produce reliable analyses of fuel consumption and driving styles.

performance portal

This evaluation allows us to identify very precisely which training initiatives are working and focus on precise areas for further training.

Johs Martens
Marcus Ulrich
Managing Director, Johs. Martens GmbH & Co. KG Spedition.

Everything from a Single Source

In addition to the CarCube and Driver Performance Portal, Johs. Martens is also using Trimble’s FleetHours software. This application supports the accounting department by automatically extracting payroll-relevant data from on-board computers. “We are very satisfied with the software. It has streamlined the production of pay slips and expenses statements and the process is very user-friendly,” continued Ulrich. Johs. Martens is also the first customer in Germany to use Trimble’s tachograph data archiving solution. The system has already been installed and is currently in a test phase – with the first internal training sessions in progress.

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About Johs. Martens

Johs. Martens is an owner-managed freight company specialised in transportation of petroleum and cryogenic gases. Johs. Martens has a fleet of 150 vehicles equipped with the CarCube on-board computer and 400 employees.

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150 vehicles equipped with CarCube


Transportation of petroleum and cryogenic gases



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