Cornelissen Group Opts for Trimble’s Flexible Telematics Solutions

The Cornelissen group is a major player in retail distribution in Europe. Customers in the Netherlands such as Kruidvat, Jumbo and Albert Heijn rely on their services. In addition, Cornelissen provides international transport and logistics services to the pharmaceutical sector. These different business units generate their own requirements and goals to implement a telematics solution.

Flexibility, reliability and ease of use were key attributes that we were looking for when selecting our telematics solution. Trimble delivered on all three.

Bram Boode - Cornelissen Groep
Bram Boode
Process engineer logistics & IT, Cornelissen Groep

A Customized Solution for Transport in the Retail and Pharma Sector

In order to offer add value to suppliers in the pharmaceutical sector, Cornelissen drivers need flexible, mobile tools which support efficiency and accuracy to complete their delivery requirements. This includes a comprehensive job check-off list. The retail distribution sector has other specific needs but the most important is speed. Drivers don’t require a lengthy check-off list to complete delivery in order to provide their job status to the logistics planners.

The Trimble on-board computer with its document scanner and flexible check-off lists provide an appropriate solution to meet the customer’s diverse needs. Freight documents are sent to the planner immediately after delivery and are automatically filed in FleetCockpit. In the future, the documents will also be linked to the TMS (Transport Management Software).


In addition, the Trimble FleetCockpit creates uniformity for Cornelissen by allowing planners to use the solution to consult timetables, messages and scanned documents.

With this portal showing us the ETA arrival and delivery times on the on-board computer, we can better inform our customers and have an automated message sent to them regarding arrival times.

Bram Boode - Cornelissen Groep
Bram Boode
Process engineer logistics & IT, Cornelissen Groep

In addition, Cornelissen uses FleetWorks office software for fleet administration and management.

Large Integration Flexibility

The telematics solution also tightly integrates with FleetHours, a software tool for automatic driver payroll and expense calculation to give Cornelissen even more data and better insight. This provides Cornelissen with a reporting tool that makes it easy to calculate the actual number of hours to pay a driver.

Limited Extra Cost, Big Savings

In the future, Cornelissen also wishes to implement the applications for door and temperature sensors developed by Trimble and its partners, and to extend the use of the Performance Portal. To Cornelissen, the Performance Portal is a tool to assess driving behaviour in an objective way.

performance portal

On the basis of parameters which we are free to determine ourselves, we motivate our drivers to optimize their driving behaviour.

Bram Boode - Cornelissen Groep
Bram Boode
Process engineer logistics & IT, Cornelissen Groep
Cornelissen Groep

About Cornelissen Group

With its own 200 trucks and 300 employees, Cornelissen group is a major player in the field of logistics services. Cornelissen group pays a lot of attention to making the transport of goods more sustainable and reducing costs.

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200 tractor units


Transport of pharmaceutical products and retail distribution

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