Heinloth Holding GmbH & Co. KG is a group of renowned logistic experts which have consolidated. Heinloth is a medium-sized corporate group in the freight, logistics and solutions industry with a fleet of 600 vehicles and 375 employees.


TALKE Group is among the world’s leading logistics service providers to the chemical and petrochemical industry. The core competencies include transportation and storage of chemicals and hazardous substances.


Steinkühler, located in Rheine, Germany, is specialised in the transport of liquid, powdered and packaged products throughout Europe. Steinkühler has a fleet of 300 trucks equipped with CarCube and over 400 employees.


With its own 200 trucks and 300 employees, Cornelissen group is a major player in the field of logistics services. Cornelissen group pays a lot of attention to making the transport of goods more sustainable and reducing costs.

Bas Group

Bas Group is a medium-sized logistics service provider, with 150 to 200 employees, which is engaged in the transport of high-quality and chemical products to Italy and France and fine-meshed distribution in the Benelux.


Cheyns is an electronic wholesaler with its own transport service and 10 branches in Belgium. Cheyns offers a very wide range of cables, installation and industrial equipment, lighting, HVAC and a limited range of consumer products.