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Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

What is Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)?

Estimated time of arrival (ETA) literally means estimated time of arrival. ETA is therefore an indication of the time that a vehicle is expected at its destination. The term has long been used in aviation and shipping, but increasingly also in road transport. Due to the emergence of on-board computers, vehicle tracking systems, transport planning systems and related truck navigation, companies are increasingly able to determine the ETA for a truck. This allows them to inform their customers about the arrival time of a shipment and to take timely measures in case of delays or calamities.  

More control over ETA with on-board computers

With the introduction of on-board computers and the corresponding planning and tracking & tracing tools, Trimble customers have gained more control over their ETAs. Because planners are constantly in contact with their drivers and vehicles via the Trimble telematics solution, they always have an overview of where a load is and how long it will take before it arrives at the unloading address.