Smart routes, less costs

The smart planning of your route should take into account as many parameters as possible. The more parameters you configure, the more accurate the truck navigation can calculate its route and indicate the estimated time of arrival. What data should be considered?

  • Current traffic information
  • Size and weight of the truck
  • Toll roads
  • ADR information
  • Corridoring (definition of traffic corridors) and geofencing (definition of marked geographical areas

The smarter you plan your route, the more economical your fuel consumption and the more time you save. This is an important step in developing a lean, efficient operation.


Work efficiently and arrive safely at the destination

  • Precisely measure estimated times of arrival (ETAs)
  • Monitor the location of your trucks in the ‘track and trace’ overview
  • React immediately thanks to real-time traffic information
  • Communicate directly from the back-office to the driver and vice versa
  • Avoid unnecessary detours and help preserve the environment
  • Drive safely and avoid accidents with accurate truck attributes

Always the best route

Truck navigation is essential for both the driver and the planner.

Benefits for the driver

  • Difficult routes containing sharp turns and steep slopes are avoided.
  • Audiovisual alerts inform drivers of maximum speed limits.
  • Clear indications of terrain in 3D help to improve safety.
  • Routes can be recalculated based on current traffic information.
  • User-friendly, customisable and visually appealing maps.

Benefits for the planner

  • Closely monitor the ETA of your drivers.
  • Based on accurate ETA data, anticipate loading and unloading at the customer’s site to further streamline the supply chain.
  • Organise the routes of your entire fleet easily and efficiently.
  • The real-time information flow between your office and drivers allows you to stay informed of any problems at all times.
  • Through smart geofencing and corridoring, your drivers follow the most optimal and predefined routes.

Interested to learn how Trimble can help you save even more fuel?

Are you ready for optimal route management with Trimble?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Data in real-time

Calculations are carried out on the on-board computer itself, based on current traffic information.

Just in time

Drivers and planners always see the same ETA. This enables you to meet your proposed delivery times, meaning you can communicate more transparently with customers.

Complete overview

View your entire fleet and their routes from one single overview

Developed in-house

Truck navigation is fully integrated with all Trimble back-office applications.