Combined data for greater insight

Effective monitoring of your fleet’s fuel efficiency can provide significant cost savings. This is not an easy task, especially when fuel price fluctuations are taken into account.

The Fuel Module combines information from fuel cards, on-board computers and FMS / CANbus data. This provides a complete and accurate overview of your consumption, calculated down to the last drop.

The Fuel Module is offered as an extension to FleetHours, the tool for calculation of wages and expenses.

Diesel tanken

Smart fuel reporting prevents fraud

  • Gain a total overview of fuel consumption levels by combining different data sources.
  • Compare fuel card data with the fuel level in the truck.
  • React quickly thanks to real-time data.
  • Monitor irregularities and fraud with little effort.
  • Accurately calculate the cost of a trip using precise consumption data.

Precise to the last drop

The combined data from the fuel card, the FMS / CAN bus and the on-board computer enable you to monitor consumption at all times. A discrepancy of just one litre of fuel can be picked up, notifying you of any malicious or fraudulent use almost immediately.
on-board computer

Information via the embedded computer

At each refueling, your drivers use a question path on the on-board computer to enter information about the payment method, the quantity and the type of fuel, even if they made a refueling of ADBlue.


Credit and fuel card information

Digital transactions are easily imported into the Fuel Module, adding to the accuracy of data available for tracking fuel consumption across your fleet.


FMS information

FMS data is a third source of information in the Fuel Module. By combining all this data, you are always aware of the consumption level of your fleet and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Are you ready to improve the monitoring of your fuel consumption?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Precise to the last drop

Calculations are based on the information coming from FMS / CANbus, fuel cards and on-board computers.

A simple tool

Let Trimble work for you: you can view all critical information in one display.

Smart detection of irregularities

The combination of three data sources in one single tool helps to prevents fraud.

Flexible use

The Fuel Module is offered as an extension to FleetHours, the tool for calculation of wages and expenses.