The impact of driving styles

By analysing the driving style of your drivers you can make significant improvements to fuel consumption.

The Performance Portal provides a clear overview of all FMS data. Based on flexibly adjustable KPIs such as cruise control, speed, stationary or braking behavior and the type of transport being used you can monitor your fuel consumption more effectively.

Driving performance and fuel consumption are graphically displayed in practical dashboards. With this data at your fingertips, you can coach your drivers to improve their driving style. This will lead to significant reductions in fuel consumption.

Performance Portal

Let the Performance Portal work for you

  • Closely follow the evolution of your drivers’ driving style and the consumption of your trucks.
  • Convert FMS data into operational information in the form of scores.
  • A visual dashboard displays information clearly and logically.
  • Create custom dashboards to display and analyse the key performance indicators that matter to you most.
  • Promote your team’s commitment to fuel efficiency and help preserve the environment.

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Two powerful modules

Coach your drivers towards an optimal driving style.

  • Insight into your drivers’ driving style in one single click
  • Data about the criteria relevant to you
  • Reliable and accurate scores for every driver
  • Smart algorithm that takes into account the context of each trip

Monitor the consumption evolution of a truck or group of vehicles.

  • Detailed overview of the consumption of each truck
  • The context of every trip is taken into account when calculating
  • Notification of abnormally high fuel consumption

Working together towards a better driving style

The Performance Portal makes it easy for you and your team to reduce fuel consumption. The use of objective scores linked to the right context of each journey and the graphical display of data helps you achieve this.

The driver

A personal Driver Score Card provides drivers with recommendations to optimise their driving style. They can easily follow their own progress and compare their performance with colleagues.


The coach

Is a certain driver achieving lower scores than his colleagues? Find out why and coach them towards a more efficient driving style. By customising which criteria are evaluated by the Driver Score Card, you can respond to specific issues if required.


The fleet manager

A practical overview provides detailed consumption data for each truck, driver and type of work. This enables you to link the performance of your vehicles with the driving style of your drivers.


The manager

Closely monitor the coaching progress of your drivers and see how their scores evolve, enabling you to track the improvements, including better fuel consumption, decreased maintenance costs and reduced vehicle damage.

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This is how Trimble makes the difference

Objective coaching

Based on custom KPIs defined by you, coach each driver on how to improve their efficiency score, taking into account the type of work performed.

Optimum communication

Transparent overviews and concrete recommendations make it easy to coach your drivers.

Maximum overview

You have a complete overview of the performance of all your drivers and trucks at the touch of a button.

Sustainable savings

Ensure sustainable improvements in fuel consumption by developing a reliable action plan.

One team working together

Every employee in your company can be involved in your cost reduction plan. By promoting awareness among your employees, you create greater involvement in a financially healthy company.