Improved fuel consumption equals higher profit margins

Fuel takes a big bite out of the budget of every transport company, representing about a quarter of all costs on average. Fuel price fluctuations can also put extra pressure on your profit margins.

Our solutions enable you to improve fuel consumption and increase your margins considerably. By saving fuel, you not only save money but you also secure the future of our planet.

A Lean & Green certificate is at your fingertips, allowing you to boost the image of your company as an added bonus.


A range of solutions

There are many ways to reduce fuel consumption. The use of alternative energy sources or by deploying LHVs, for instance. The right tyres and optimum tension and rolling resistance also make a difference, as well as providing your trucks with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Finally, effective route planning also has an undeniable effect on your consumption.

Saving fuel does not have to be complex; it is instead a matter of intelligently using of a combination of solutions. Even a saving of only 1% per truck or per driver will provide big improvements to your figures.

Insight and analysis for smart savings

Trimble offers several tools for smart fuel savings. Based on accurate data from your on-board computers, you gain insight into your consumption figures and you can easily adjust where necessary.

Automatic calculation of the most effective route

Our truck navigation determines the safest and most economical route according to the dimensions of your trucks. The tool visualises traffic jams and obstacles and accurately calculates the estimated time of arrival. Based on real-time traffic information, the route is automatically recalculated when required.

Trucknavigatie FleetXPS

Driving style analysis with active coaching

Our Performance Portal analysis tool shows you at a glance the performance and fuel consumption of all your drivers and trucks, clearly displayed in a visual dashboard. Every driver receives a score, and you get insight into valuable FMS data to optimise your fuel consumption.

Understand your fuel consumption down to the smallest detail

The Fuel Module enables you to carry out in-depth checks on refueling. The tool compares data entered by your drivers with the fuel card and FMS data. This way, you can effortlessly identify irregularities and prevent theft.


Are you ready for optimal fuel consumption management with Trimble?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Data in real-time

All calculations are based on the FMS data and current traffic information.

Effortless integration

You can use all our solutions side by side and integrate them with other ICT systems for maximum savings.

Unbeaten accuracy

All calculations are completed on the on-board computer itself.

Simplicity and ease of use

No endless data tables reliant on manual analysis, just a clear visualisation of the information and KPIs most relevant to you.

Complete overview

You have a complete overview of the performance of all your drivers and trucks.