Risk management, in real-time

Congested roadways, distracted drivers and road construction are just some of the obstacles drivers face on the road every day. Truck drivers are among the safest drivers there are. But all it takes is one false claim to tarnish that reputation.

With Video Intelligence, that risk is eliminated. You get the complete unbiased picture, from video to engine data, immediately. It helps avoid costly litigation, an increase in insurance premiums, and gives your drivers the confidence to just do what they do best: drive.


Protect your fleet, drivers, equipment and reputation

  • Protect drivers with Video Intelligence acting as a neutral eye witness in the case of an accident
  • Enhance driver coaching by providing visual proof of the behaviors you are trying to improve
  • Save time with immediate access to video footage to share with highway police after an accident
  • Save money by investing in a solution that helps exonerate drivers from potentially costly litigations

How does it work?

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More than just a dashcam

Not simply a ‘dashcam’, Trimble’s Video Intelligence is a proven solution designed specifically for the transport industry.

Telematics integration and on-demand

Synced to Trimble on-board computers allowing customized and multiple on-board event recording triggers, like harsh braking, acceleration or a panic button push

For vehicles not equipped with an on-board computer, there is also on-demand, to access the images for a specific period of time

Icon Driver Performance

Intuitive web portal for review and coaching

Videos can be uploaded easily on-demand or automatically via customized event triggers

Comprehensive analysis of events like harsh braking, acceleration … to determine fault, but also to identify specific coaching opportunities


Designed for the transport industry

Privacy friendly features: Video Intelligence takes care of the privacy of your drivers and other road users, providing you the tools to stay compliant with current privacy regulations (GDPR)

Rugged camera solution for truck environment

Cameras positioned provide up to 360° views available to capture incident detail from truck

Tailor-made for your business

Video Intelligence offers the flexibility to support up to four cameras, the video solution will meet your needs today and in the future.

4 Channel DVR

This solution features a forwarding-facing camera, and the option to add up to 3 additional cameras, enabling video to be captured from all angles of the truck, giving you a 360 degree view around your truck.


2 Channel DVR

This solution features a forward-facing camera and availability to add an additional camera such as the wireless Trailer Rear Camera or side camera to accommodate the recording of additional views from the truck.

Powerful coaching tool

Video Intelligence works as a neutral eyewitness, protecting your drivers and your bottom line in an increasingly litigious world.

Beyond driver exoneration, Video Intelligence is an invaluable coaching tool. Thanks to its telematics integration, it allows you to focus on behaviors in-need of improvement, your fleet becomes safer and more efficient with every new training opportunity. And by mitigating harsh braking, speeding and other actions – you see cost-savings in fuel efficiency and the overall health of your fleet.

Video Intelligence GDPR Privacy Disclaimer

Privacy Disclaimer

Under GDPR, the customer is responsible for the use of Video Intelligence and the collection and processing of the data involved.

When Trimble stores data in the cloud, Trimble does so on behalf of the customer. The Video Intelligence solution is highly configurable, so that the customer can comply with the legal framework at all times.

Regardless of which approach / default setting Trimble ultimately chooses, Trimble underlines that use of the solution is subject to EU data protection regulations and that the customer is responsible for selecting settings that ensure compliance.

Are you ready to evolve the protection of your fleet?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Telematics integration

Video Intelligence stands apart from other video solutions through its integration with the Trimble telematics system, allowing you to view videos along with events, location, analytics and additional vehicle data. You’ll be connected like never before.

Videos on demand

The on-demand service gives you the ability to request the videos you need in near real-time for viewing in the Video Intelligence portal and on connected smart devices.

State of the Art and Proven technology

Video Intelligence was developed by Trimble Transportation, which is part of Trimble’s Transportation Mobility division along with Trimble Transport & Logistics. This solution has already been extensively installed globally.