Maximise the use of your trailers

Ensuring you have a complete overview of your trailer use is essential to getting the most out of your fleet.

  • Where are your trailers located?
  • Are your trailers on the road or stationary?
  • Which trailer is linked to which truck?

Our solutions provide answers to these questions and help you to deploy your fleet in the most efficient way. This way, your customers receive their loads on time and in optimal conditions.

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Track and protect valuable loads

  • Guarantee the safety of your shipments.
  • Deploy your trailers optimally for maximum return.
  • Avoid theft and damage.
  • React immediately in case of problems, at any time.
  • See the exact location of all your vehicle loads.
  • Ensure your trucks are kept on the road with the correct trailers.

Do you know where your trailers are located?

A simple question for a complex problem. Trimble solves the issue by providing solutions to suit every budget, brought together in one single back-office application: FleetCockpit.

Trailer-ID: passive tracking

  • Which trailer is connected to which vehicle?
  • Functions only with Trimble on-board computers (CarCube and Truck4U)
  • An ID-sensor on the trailer will make contact with the Trimble on-board computer.
  • Both the driver and the planners know which trailer is linked to the truck.

Trailer4U: active tracking

  • What is the last position of your trailer?
  • Independent of the on-board computer
  • Trimble Trailer4U is a budget-friendly solution that can easily be installed on the trailer.
  • The modem meets the IP66 standard and is therefore resistant to all weather conditions.

Integration with trailer producers

  • Standardised integration with partners in trailer and temperature management
  • Independent of the on-board computer
  • Integration of all solutions and those of third parties in one single and clear back-office application: FleetCockpit.
  • Always access data collected through different tracking tools.

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Do you want to know the temperature in your trailers?

Controlling the temperature of your freight is important for reliable trailer management. Trimble provides solutions to manage your conditioned transport. Interested?

Are you ready to optimise your trailer management with Trimble?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Smooth integration

Also third-party trailer management solutions are easy to integrate into our back-office application FleetCockpit.

Maximum overview

You have access to a wealth of information on all your trailers in one single back-office application, regardless of the solution chosen for trailer management.

Data in real-time

Get real-time information on your trailers, including their latest status and current location.

From simple to complex

A range of solutions tailored to your requirements, both from a technical and cost perspective.

Data security

Your data is always complete, protected and available.