The fleet: Nerve centre of transport companies

Need to track vehicles and drivers in real-time? Times have changed and technology has improved significantly. Today, efficient fleet management enables you to save significant amounts of time and money.

Insights on current trip data enable you to analyse driving and rest times and to closely track your valuable loads. You can also benefit from a clearer understanding of the fuel consumption and the driving style of your drivers.

With better communication and cooperation between your employees at the office and those on the road, cost savings and improved customer satisfaction are realised.


Challenges on the road and at the office

The remote management of your fleet is no easy task. Common challenges appear time and again:

  • Processing data is a challenge: Fortunately, the days of constant telephone calls with drivers are a thing of the past. Today large streams of real-time data are available and you need a wide range of practical tools to process and use this vital information.
  • Complex laws and regulations make it difficult to work in a sustainable and efficient manner.
  • You are expected to take constant care of your customers’ valuable loads and to transport them to the right destination.

Do you need to know more about fleet management?

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Trimble provides a full overview

Trimble uses bottom-up information on your vehicles, drivers and loads. Our applications perform quick conversion of business-critical data into useful insights that allow you to monitor your fleet and to manage it optimally.

On-board computers, mobile or fixed

On-board computers are essential to managing your fleet in real time. You can choose from a range of fixed and mobile solutions, according to your preferences and your fleet: CarCube, Truck4U, FleetXPS Android tablet and FleetXPS App.


Trailer management

Stay informed of the location of your trailers at all times and keep an eye on your valuable loads. Our solutions provide insight into trailer-truck connections and trailer locations.

Ready to improve the efficiency of your fleet management with Trimble?

This is how Trimble makes the difference


Trimble Transport & Logistics draw on more than 30 years of experience in telematics solutions for the transport sector.

In-house development

All our software and hardware is developed in-house.


The architecture of our solutions is developed with future developments and integrations in mind.

Transparent pricing

We provide a global solution with clear pricing that helps you avoid unexpected fees and costs.


In addition to hardware and software with a wide range of functionalities, we also provide airtime and an extended range of useful options.