Get the most out of your tachograph data

Tachographs register the service, driving and rest times as well as the travelled distance and possible irregularities . They enable transporters to meet legislation requirements and increase road safety.

But you can get more: our Tachotime Manager clearly displays your tachograph data. This enables you to effortlessly convert valuable insights into targeted actions (e.g. training) and smart business decisions.

Tachotime Manager

Easily avoid expensive fines

  • Meet transport legislation requirements with minimal effort
  • Increase road safety and avoid fines
  • Save time with the direct download of tachograph data
  • Maintain a clear overview for every operation of your fleet

How does it work?

Want to know more about easy management of driving and rest times?

EN Brochure Tachotime Manager 2020

Tacho archiving: Quick and easy storage of driving and rest times

According to current regulations the Tachotime Manager collects DDD files from both driver cards and the mass memory of digital tachographs. This enables you not only to meet legislation requirements, but also to optimise the driving and rest times of your drivers.


  • Import and storage of files according to legal guidelines
  • Automatic reporting, numerous reports and summaries
  • Warnings regarding expiration dates of certificates and documents (ADR training certificate, validity of driver card, medical competence …)
  • Alarms when exceeding download times for driver card and digital tachograph
  • Clear presentation of open tacho controls in accordance with Article 57 of the European legislation
  • Driver’s license check via RFID
  • Catalogue with overview of fines for drivers and companies


  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Compatible with all available download tools
  • Flexible licensing model based on drivers or vehicles
  • No limit on the number of drivers and vehicles
  • DDD data can be imported automatically and manually. You do not need to install a program locally if all drivers and trucks are downloaded via the Trimble Remote Tacho Download.
  • Easy navigation in data thanks to proven ergonomics
  • Accessible from any workstation (SaaS solution)

Remote tacho download: The key to time-saving

If your fleet is equipped with Trimble on-board computers, remote download is available for both the driver card and the tachograph’s memory card. This process is fully automated and requires no interaction from the driver. Exceptions are communicated to dispatchers.


Infringement management: Calculation of infringements

With infringement management you can easily meet all European and national regulations for the storage and control of your tachograph data. Any violations are automatically.


  • Automatic notification of violations
  • Detection of errors or manipulations of the driver card: driving without a driver card, manual change of driving times, etc.
  • Personalised notifications of violations to drivers
  • Ability to compare driver performance on the same type of journey or trip


  • Calculation of violations
  • Provides insights into the driving and rest times
  • Provides information about social legislation in the transport sector
  • Calculation and evaluation of violations based on tacho data

Are you ready to turn legal obligations to your advantage?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Plug & play

Our applications integrate effortlessly with your telematics system, regardless of the supplier.

Ease of use

You can see at a glance where action is required.

Data in real-time

You avoid fines easily thanks to real-time information.

A view on every detail

More than 150 reports provide a complete overview of your entire fleet.

Infringement reports

Enabling you to meet European legislation requirements on driving and rest times as well as the legislation on working hours.