Planning the leave: a time-consuming job

Planning the leave periods of employees is a tricky business for many managers. And a time-consuming job. Collecting leave records, keeping holiday balances up to date, tracing and ironing out overlaps … the bigger your business, the more complex it becomes. Wouldn’t it be handy if your employees rostered their own holiday?

With the Trimble Absence Planner, a tool for clear absence management, it becomes dead easy.

Absence Planner Smartphone
Absence planner desktop

Totally straightforward

  • No more paper requests: your employees request their own leave online
  • Say goodbye to lost time: you immediately get an overview of the planning and any possible overlapping requests
  • Always in line with the labour agreement: by connecting the Absence Planner to the payroll tool FleetHours, you immediately connect all absences (sickness, leave …) with the total number of hours worked/provided
  • Avoid double work: the master data of the employees are transferred quickly and easily from FleetHours

Achieve effective absence management in 5 steps

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The benefits of the connection with FleetHours


In line with the labour agreement

You immediately connect all absences (sickness, leave …) with the total number of hours worked/provided. This means that you can see at a glance whether this matches to the contract of employment.


Master data are synchronised

The profile of your employee is created by FleetHours. The master data are automatically transferred and synchronised in the Absence Planner, including the leave balances.


View wage slip

The wage slip with the overview of the hours worked and holiday balance can
be sent to the portal from the Absence Planner. This means your employees can view their wage slip both in the app as well as via the web application.

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Always available online

Via an easy-to-download app or a webinterface, employees have access to their leave planning at all times.

Flexibly request absences

As soon as a request is approved or rejected, the employee involved receives an e-mail and/or push message on his smartphone.

Status known at all times

A clear view of the days already taken, the absences in process and the remaining balance.

Approving with insight

The manager receives an overview of all requests within the business or department. By making clever use of filters and sorting, it is possible to only view the open requests.

Synchronising with diary

With the calendar module the employees activate their access to the local calendar. This means that approved absences become visible in their own calendar.

Multiple languages

The app is available in Dutch, English, French and German. Your employees select their preferred language and can then request leave in their own language.