Keeping a clear overview

Respecting driving and rest time legislation contributes to the safety of both truck drivers and other road users.

However, legislation is complex: avoiding fines isn’t easy, and daily planning is yet another challenge for dispatchers.

It is therefore essential for transport companies to have a complete and clear overview of their staff’s driving and rest times.

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Save time for what is really important

  • Avoid paperwork with an automated approach to driving and rest time management
  • React quickly thanks to real-time data
  • Meet transport legislation and avoid accidents
  • Improve your customer service by being more flexible
  • Simplify the procedure for reporting absences and holiday requests for your drivers

‘Forward march’ or ‘stand at ease’

With the combination of a user-friendly on-board technology and high-performance back-office applications, Trimble has powerful assets that are useful for drivers and dispatchers.

Driving-time assistant in the truck

The on-board computer sends out audiovisual signals to warn your drivers when their authorised maximum driving time is approaching.

Driving times

Driving time management at the office

Our planning tool FleetCockpit gives a clear overview of the executed and available driving times per driver. It enables you to meet legislation and to smoothly schedule new tasks.

Absence Planner

Absence planner

Drivers can request and report absence themselves by means of a web module or app. This way, you avoid unclear appointments and immediately get an overview of overlapping requests. The FleetHours tool for calculating wages and expenses gathers any absences (illness, leave, etc.) and hours worked to check against each driver’s employment contract.

Service Time Manager

Clear view on service time

Through the Service Time Manager application, planners receive detailed real-time information about the service times (driving, waiting and working) of drivers. This overview about the service hours already provided and still available enables planners to allocate tasks more efficiently, according to the driver’s employment contract.

Easily follow-up driving and rest times in a legally recognized framework?

Are you ready to optimally manage your driving and rest times with Trimble?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Data in real-time

Driving and rest times are available without delay via a direct D8 connection between the Trimble on-board computer and the tachograph.


The automation of processes makes it easy for your drivers and dispatchers to respect their driving and rest requirements.

Unbeaten accuracy

All calculations are in accordance with European driving and rest time legislation and are based on accurate on-board computer data.

Optimal integration

Our on-board technology and our back-office applications work together seamlessly.

Data security

Your data is always complete, consistent and available.