Driver satisfaction makes the difference

Drivers play a key role in every transport company. Their task is not limited to the transportation, loading and unloading of goods. They also do paperwork, check their loads and keep a close eye on their journey planning. As the main link between the head office and your customers, drivers also have a direct impact on your company’s image.

Studies show that the haulage industry will continue to face a severe driver shortage in the coming years. All the more reason to prepare your personnel management for tomorrow, by managing driving and rest times more efficiently and improving processes for calculating wages and expenses. By doing so, you not only meet legislation but also improve driver satisfaction.


Driving and resting times: a challenge behind the wheel and at the office

  • Monitoring driving and resting times is crucial to maintaining the efficiency of your fleet. But keeping a complete record of all driving times while at the same time respecting delivery times is daily challenges.
  • The complex legislation on driving and rest times complicates the jobs of drivers and dispatchers.
  • Due to complex regulations, payroll administration is a time-consuming task. To ensure a good relationship with your drivers it is essential that wages and expenses are calculated correctly and in accordance with the collective labour agreement

Keen to keep your drivers happy? Discover how you can do so.

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An easy way to meet legislation

To keep an accurate record of activities, the data collected by your on-board computers is invaluable. Trimble back-office applications enable you to quickly convert this data into useful insights and effective actions. This way, you avoid expensive fines and your drivers get the correct wages.

Driving and rest time management

See at a glance how much driving time a driver has remaining in any set period. Our driving time assistant on the on-board computer and applications such as Tachotime Manager, FleetCockpit and Absence Planner, allow you to effortlessly meet legislation and avoid fines.

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Tachograph data archiving and violation management

Our Tachotime Manager automatically archives all data generated by the mass memory of your tachographs and driver cards. In combination with Violation Management, this enables you to effortlessly meet transport legislation.

Calculation of wages and expenses

With FleetHours, your wage calculations are based on time registrations via the on-board computer. In no time, you get a wage calculation that is accurate and in accordance with the collective labour agreement.


Is driver satisfaction your top priority?

This is how Trimble makes the difference

Data in real-time

Tachograph data and driving and rest times are available instantly via a direct D8 connection between the Trimble on-board computer and tachograph.

Optimal communication

The driver and planner / dispatcher always get the same information in real time.

Unbeaten accuracy

All calculations are based on data provided by the on-board computer and are in accordance with European legislation on driving and rest times.

Maximum overview

Get instant access to driving times and hours worked from one simple-to-use dashboard.

Data security

Your data is always complete, protected and available.