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Video Intelligence: more than just a dashcam

The solution helps you to avoid costly litigation, an increase in insurance premiums, and gives your drivers the confidence to just do what they do best: drive. You get the complete unbiased picture, from video to engine data, immediately.

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Transport visibility through the eyes of the customer of a transporter
Transport visibility is a sub-area of transport management in which a lot of technological progress has been made in recent y...

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Hövelmann Logistik is Set to Continue its Path Towards Digitalisation with Trimble
Hövelmann Logistik GmbH & Co. KG, which is based in Rees, Germany, has ordered 150 next-generation Trimble CarCube on-bo...

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Trimble Enables European Transport Fleets to Benefit from Improved Safety with Video Intelligence
Trimble is enabling transport companies to improve safety on European roads with its innovative Video Intelligence™ solutio...

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