Better insight for safe, cost-efficient and sustainable transport

Track your trucks, drivers and shipments

Gain full visibility of the driving and rest times of your drivers as well as the location of your shipments, enabling you to plan your journeys efficiently.

track & trace

Smart personnel management

Prepare your drivers for tomorrow, from driving and rest time management to the accurate calculation of wages and expenses.

Efficient fleet management

Analyse current data on journeys driving and rest times, driving styles and fuel consumption and closely monitor your valuable shipments.

fleet management
Brandstof tankstation

Fuel savings

Analyse fuel consumption figures based on accurate data from your on-board computers and easily make adjustments to reduce costs.

Smoother logistics through collaboration

Collaborate with other carriers, forwarders and independent drivers via eShipCo to operate even more efficiently.

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Video Intelligence: more than just a dashcam

The solution helps you to avoid costly litigation, an increase in insurance premiums, and gives your drivers the confidence to just do what they do best: drive. You get the complete unbiased picture, from video to engine data, immediately.

On the road with Trimble

Choosing Trimble Transport & Logistics means choosing a partner that collaborates with you to develop innovative solutions that meet the daily challenges in transport and logistics.

Close to your business

We listen to your needs and wishes as a customer and take them into account in our ongoing development roadmap. Trimble is committed to investing heavily into solutions that elevate your business to a higher level.

State-of-the-art technology

Our solutions are designed for making large amounts of data consumable and transparent to you. We use the most advanced technologies for this.

Web-based and operational without delay

You do not have to make heavy investments in IT and servers of your own. This means that you only need a PC and a web browser to get started right away, wherever you are.

Your drivers are your priority

Happy drivers who are safely on the road and who easily meet legislation requirements: that is one of your top priorities. Our solutions help you.

One point of contact for support

During your working hours, a multilingual support team is always available to help you in your own language. Most analysis and software updates are performed ‘over-the-air’.

Total transparency at all time

We deliver a global solution with a clear pricing, meaning no unexpected costs. In addition to hardware and software, Trimble also offers airtime and a wide selection of unique product combinations.

Are you ready for the optimum organization of your transport and logistics with Trimble?

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