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The Ziegler group has chosen the CarCube solution to equip its entire vehicle fleet in Europe

The Ziegler transport group has decided to equip its entire vehicle fleet with Trimble on-board computers. Over time, the contract provides for the installation of CarCube on-board computers in all of the 2,000 vehicles in Ziegler’s European network.

“We decided in favour of Trimble because we were looking for an advanced fleet management system,” explains Daniel Verschelde, European Information Systems Director of the Ziegler group. “As a freight forwarder operating in all the main European markets, we needed a global solution and service. It was CarCube’s ability to meet all the requirements in our specifications that convinced us. For example, for some vehicles we selected the option of installing an on-board scanner to allow CMRs to be transmitted immediately if any reservations are noted on delivery. It also offers good user ergonomics, an essential aspect to ensure acceptance of the tool by our drivers. Finally, during the initial tests we measured the power and ease with which CarCube could be interfaced with our internal transport planning applications”.

Fabien Dusserre, Manager of Trimble Transport & France, comments on this major project: “As well as the actual product, we gained a significant edge when we emphasised the Trimble group’s commitment to increase its presence in Europe. Only a major technological player can commit and guarantee the long-term future of the project to a group with an extensive organisation and stringent requirements. “