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CarCubes provide Zandbergen’s Transport with useful information on trips and drivers.

Economic benefits

"A fellow transport contractor recommended CarCube."

John Kops, operational manager Zandbergen's Transport

In recent years Zandbergen’s Transport has developed from haulage contractor to transport logistics service provider, among other things by offering warehousing activities. The transportation of goods continues to be its major activity, however. Zandbergen places the greatest emphasis on having, and being able to provide, flexibility. The new version of the CarCube helps the company with this. Among other things, it enables Zandbergen to give a clear indication of an expected arrival time with the customer (ETA). The planners receive data via the on-board computer. Using the FleetCockpit planning tool they can arrange this data so that each planner gets the right overview the way he wants it. The customers can also view the ETA, by logging on to the company website. 

Practical and economic benefits

Whenever Jos Zandbergen is asked about the most important features of the new CarCube for his company, he doesn't hesitate:  “A great new function is the ability to remotely read out the mass memory and the data from the driver's pass. Previously, we would take a laptop over to the trucks.” But there is more that persuaded him to replace all the on-board computers with a new variant, as a precaution. “Obviously, the truck navigation is handy for our drivers, because it means - importantly - that we no longer need separate navigation equipment.” From a practical and economic point of view navigation also offers benefits. According to the director, it means his company saves around three per cent on the total number of kilometres driven, which equates to 500,000 kilometres.

‘Good upgrade offer from Trimble’

During the summer months (2012) all 160 CarCubes were replaced. The fact that Zandbergen did this immediately, even earlier than had been planned a few years ago, is - according to the director - down to the proactive action on the part of Trimble: “They offered us a great upgrade offer at an opportune moment, so we went with it.” The implementation of the on-board computers was done by a Zandbergen employee with the requisite certificates, who was able to fit several CarCubes a day.

CarCube as a link in sustainable transport

Since the on-board computers are linked to the transport management system, this creates the necessary potential for the planners from Zandbergen to analyse trips. They can also further force down fuel consumption and keep customers informed better than ever before. Zandbergen adds, “With FleetCockpit our planners are able to do more. But our drivers also experience the benefits, for example by wasting less time on journeys, or managing to find destinations more quickly. In addition, our CO2 emissions are reduced, something which is obviously good for our sustainable policy. The fuel saving from truck navigation is three per cent.” Apart from that, the director stresses that he approaches business primarily from a practical viewpoint: “I will never shout about how amazing something is, but IT undeniably has a major supporting role in our business process.”

‘Essential data from on-board computer’

The CarCubes have now been in use for six years, although on-board computers have been part of Zandbergen's transport management for rather longer than the TMS. “We spent quite a while looking for a suitable TMS, but ultimately started out with on-board computers years ago. At the time, they immediately gave us a clearer advantage.” Once again, through timely investment in a new generation of on-board computers, Zandbergen is showing that it is keeping pace with developments. “Monitoring trucks and cargo is becoming increasingly important - planners have to be able to control excesses. This data is essential.” Another example of where the third generation CarCube provides support is in the delivery of driver performance. “It's certainly not our aim to turn the thumbscrews on the drivers, but we do want to know about their average performance. This provides a basis for finding out who is rising above the crop and who is performing less well. Because you know what this is down to, you possess a control mechanism. And practice shows that the drivers are also keen to hear how they have performed.”

‘Save up to four per cent on fuel with the Driving Style Assitant ’

With the implementation of the third generation CarCubes Zandbergen’s Transport also has the Driving Style Assistant. The director can see the benefits of the tool, but is circumspect about its use. “In my view, if you are going to use it, either you must do so very specifically, or embrace it fully. That also means that you will need to come up with the discipline to use it from a structural point of view. We'll have to see if it works”, says the level-headed man from the province of North Holland. “That said, I do think that, all in all, the Driving Style Assistant could allow us to making savings of up to four per cent on fuel.”

KPIs have also become available in the area of spending on drivers' wages. By reading out the driver data and trip data from the CarCube, it is possible to present good overviews, in LogicWay, of the number of hours that have been driven, and the number of driving hours remaining.

Tracking, tracing and messaging data used intensively

The implementation of the CarCubes has enabled Zandbergen’s Transport to continue to provide its customers with a tailor-made service. “Our planners make the most intensive use the track & trace function in combination with the messaging data. Confusion over the right address is a thing of the past, as is any confusion over loading and unloading times and all associated communication”, says the director. Obviously, there are still a few points for discussion in the future. For example, the company wants to improve punctuality further. Zandbergen: “At the moment we are in the process of linking additional equipment to the on-board computers, such as scanners, so that we can make documents available to our customers directly.

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180 Tractor units


Nationwide distribution of building materials, soft drinks and foodstuffs, and specialising in high-volume haulage. The company also provides warehousing activities for its customers

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CarCube integration with TMS, LogicWay and FleetCockpit


An advanced but flexible solution

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