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A year after the acquisition: Trimble on a growth course with CarCube

In August 2010, Trimble acquired telematics provider Punch Telematix, rebranding the organization to Trimble Transport & Logistics. This corporate move to grow the business is paying off with Punch’s already successful CarCube, which is being sold under the new Trimble brand to prestigious customers such as Denkinger Internationale Spedition and the Ziegler group this year alone.
“One year after the acquisition we’re stronger than ever before,” says Carsten Holtrup, Managing Director of Trimble Transport & Logistics in Germany. “We have had a very positive response at this year’s transport and logistic trade fairs and have added new customers as a result of our focus and expertise to meet their needs.” Along with big players in the German transport sector such as Logistiker Denkinger (Ehingen), Hövelmann (Rees) and H.P. Schmitz (Euskirchen) using CarCube, Trimble Transport & Logistics is also making its mark in other countries in Europe. With the Ziegler group active throughout Europe and Q8 Calpam

in Belgium, now there are even more organizations navigating internationally with CarCube.

For Andrew Yeoman, General Manager of Trimble Transport and Logistics, it is a further indication of the successful collaboration: “It’s become apparent that positioning solutions and applications for fleet management combined with on-board computers and back-office solutions offer strong benefits to logistics service providers.”

For Carsten Holtrup, he also attributes the continued success to Trimble’s global presence, financial stability and technologies. “By accessing all of Trimble’s core competencies—positioning, communications and applications software—we were able to make the CarCube even more competitive. As a technology leader, we now want to expand even further in the European market by growing our team and continuing to provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.”