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Wim Bosman

CarCube feeds TMS for optimum functioning. Developing functions in-house saves costs and improves efficiency.

TMS relies on CarCube. Wim Bosman, a European 3PL+ logistics service provider, delivers customer-specific solutions for transport, storage and distribution. To ensure that its activities run efficiently as well as profitably, the company depends heavily on highly integrated automation. What is at the heart of that? The company's in-house developed Transport Management System (TMS), known as TREX. This system bases itself on the data from CarCube and the functions developed in-house for saving costs and increasing productivity.

CarCube as dependable data collector

"CarCube provides efficient communication with the drivers and excellent functions."

Bertil ter Maat, Managing Director Wim Bosman

Optimum integration

At the end of 2006, Wim Bosman was looking around for a new generation of on-board computers. The existing ICS models provided too few functions. Bosman wanted an on-board computer system that integrates optimally with its TMS, the backoffice, as well as LogicWay that looks after payroll costing. Aim? Speeding up processes and controlling costs.

CarCube is convincing

"In December 2006 we did a comparative study with other systems and trialled CarCube for six months. The result? With conviction, our decision committee voted unanimously for CarCube. Ter Maat: "To me the benefits of CarCube are as clear as day: everyone gains from it. The planning department is relaxed: merely two people are able to manage 150 lorries while abroad. Each day the lorries make as many as 20 stops. Even so, we manage to monitor them seamlessly. The drivers know that accurate recording means accurate payroll costing. The customer also knows exactly where he stands: he is able to follow the status of his deliveries in real time on the Wim Bosman track and trace site."

CarCube as dependable data collector

Wim Bosman opted for CarCube, because it provides efficient communication with the drivers and excellent functions. Such as recording hours with the driving hours wizard, recording costs via the menu, tracking and tracing. But above all because CarCube is a dependable data collector, as well as an open system, to which Wim Bosman is able to add its own functions without difficulty. This enables the company to gain the maximum profit on its investment.

Optimum loading and unloading times

The company now has better insight into stopover hours with customers. The on-board computer automatically records start and finish times and checks that the drivers are achieving their unloading times. Ter Maat: "Is a driver spending an unnecessarily long time with a customer? We get clear answers immediately: is it always with the same customer? Always the same driver? Such important information results in more accurate costing and improved trip planning".

Improved fuel economy

Bosman developed its own solution for monitoring fuel consumption. CarCube records fuelling times and kilometres driven. Together with the data from the company's own filling station or from the fuel supplier, the TMS calculates the exact consumption. Wim Bosman can then make any necessary adjustments immediately.

More rigid planning

"Between 17:00 and 19:00 pm daily about two hundred lorries come back in at the same time", says Ter Maat. "Via CarCube's track and trace function we know the arrival times and who will need to be unloaded first, or which goods need to depart first. This enables us to plan unloading and loading better. Under development is a procedure for the planning department to email the drivers their unloading gate number. They then gain time by not having to report in at the office, but can go to unload straightaway."

Reference Wim Bosman
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

> 1500


Wim Bosman delivers customer-specific, total solutions: integrated warehousing, transport and distribution solutions.

Operating area

Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Romania and Russia


Integration: FleetWatch LogicWay and Wim Bosman's own software application TREX


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