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With CarCube West-Trans transports more using fewer vehicles. Meat on hooks with temperature control.

The West-Trans company boasts quite a rare area of specialization: temperature-controlled transport of meat hanging in reefers. It focuses on transport to the East, mainly the Kalinigrad region of the Russian Federation.  The telematics system of Trimble Transport & Logistics with the CarCube on-board computer as its core helps West-Trans to meet the stringent temperature norms in reefers and to make timely deliveries.

Time savings thanks to CarCube

"CarCube features such as contacting drivers without mobile phones, changing their on-going journey and recording the information flow help both our dispatchers and drivers in their work. That’s exactly what we needed the most."

Piotr Kuklinowski, owner West-Trans

West-Trans is owned by Piotr Kuklinowski. It is a relatively small company providing road transport services. Instead of buying more and more vehicles Piotr Kuklinowski decided to improve how his company is managed. That’s why he chose to buy a telematics system.

Crisis spurs greater efficiency

Following the economic downturn in Russia in 1998, Piotr Kuklinowski began to look for new orders from Russia which would compensate for his losses. “We came across a client interested in sides of pork in Kalinigrad and, luckily for us, we had earlier bought a reefer trailer to transport hanging meat. That’s how a new era in the operation of our company began. We bought more reefers, because we partnered with other contractors in the Kaliningrad region who reported the same transport needs. We transported sides of pork from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands to Russia”, said Piotr Kuklinowski.

With such specialization West-Trans began to grow quickly. It recorded the turnover of eight million zlotys every year. The general partnership was transformed into a limited liability company.
Because of its strong development, growing number of vehicles and drivers, and its management strategy to transport more using the same number of trucks, West-Trans began to look for tools to improve its fleet management.
We looked for solutions to help our dispatchers, and mainly to improve their communication with drivers. So far we relied on mobile phones and we couldn’t verify the exact position of vehicles in real time”, said Piotr Kuklinowski.

It’s a good idea to attend conferences

Piotr Kuklinowski went to a conference organized in Poland for road carriers in partnership with Trimble Transport & Logistics. Having talked to Trimble’s representatives, Piotr decided to test one CarCube on-board computer.
CarCube got very good ratings from our dispatchers and drivers. It turned out that CarCube helped both of them in their work. The strongest features of Trimble’s system include the possibility of contacting drivers without a mobile telephone, changing the driver’s on-going journey and recording the information flow. That’s exactly what we needed the most”, said Piotr Kuklinowski.

No mobile telephone needed

Trimble’s system also makes it possible to monitor driving styles in real time and to send drivers messages telling them to change their driving behavior, for instance, to slow down.
The dispatcher can use the CarCube computer to communicate tasks to drivers. Each user makes up names of such task on his or her own, as required. For instance, the driver gets to the unloading ramp, the vehicle stops, and then the driver receives a question from the dispatcher sent by pressing one key: “What’s happening?” The driver presses the automatic answer “Unloading” and then “Unloading complete”. There’s no need to telephone anybody, wait to be put through or talk. Trimble’s system also offers many other standard messages such as “Refueling” or “Pause”, meaning resting time.

Benefits at the touch of a button

An interesting IT solution of the system provided by Trimble Transport & Logistics and used by West-Trans is identification and checking of semi-trailers, which helps to establish quickly the location of each semi-trailer with specific freight.
It helps to prevent drivers from making an error of connecting the wrong semi-trailer to the tractor. Double verification of documentation by both the driver and the dispatcher gives certainty that the right semi-trailer is connected”, said Krzysztof Puslowski, Sales & Project Manager Poland, Trimble Transport & Logistics.

In addition, the RTD service makes it possible to download data from logbooks and the tachograph. With this service at hand, West-Trans avoids unnecessary stoppages at its fleet base to tap into the tachograph, which sometimes takes up to an hour and a half.
Trimble’s system offers a simple downloading schedule which takes the burden of remembering about the next data download off your shoulders. It is possible to download data outside the fleet base and at any time”, said Krzysztof Puslowski.
Given these benefits, West-Trans is gradually installing CarCubes in all its vehicles. Trimble’s on-board computers will also be installed in any other trucks bought in the future.

Reference West-Trans
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

- 25 transportation units
- 18 reefer semi-trailers
- 7 semi-trailers for transporting non-standard cargo


- temperature-controlled transport of meat
- transport of oversized cargo

Operating area

Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia




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