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Open architecture with various import and export functions

Reliable data are a basic requirement for a correct output. The FleetHours calculations are based on the onboard computer data, whether or not supplemented with digital tachograph data.

Companies that want to take advantage of the benefits of FleetHours are not tied to the onboard computers from Trimble Transport & Logistics. There are links to various other on-board computer providers.

Moreover, FleetHours can be enriched with data from numerous external sources. Think of

  • data from time clock systems (for the record of the hours on eg. warehouses and offices),
  • data from credit card companies and fuel suppliers,
  • temperature sensing,
  • geographic information,
  • FMS data and
  • data from TMS systems (Transportation Management System), ...

By linking them to eachother, FleetHours compares the data from the various imports in order to contextualize. For temperature sensing for example, this means that the conditions of the temperature measurements can be taken into account (on the road, during unloading, ...).

On the output side, FleetHours creates a detailed wage attachment.  This ready-made document resumes all necessary information concerning the controlled and corrected time and expense remunerations for the pay period. These calculated data can easily be exported towards different  salary packages and/or the social-accounting secretariat.