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Automatic correction

All data can be checked and corrected in FleetHours. The tool provides a large number of automatic correction and control options.

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For example, standard correction after refueling is foreseen after fifteen minutes, but after ten minutes at certain locations. Another example: correction rules can be applied to combinations of activities, for example, the total duration from the start to the end of loading.

To assure even greater ease of use, color codes indicate deviations from the standard values. In this way, the person who carries out the checks gets a clear overview of the points of interest.

Control and correction dashboards can be configured per user. They give a perfect insight into the services performed. Control and correction functions are linked to several flexible windows. This allows the data to be presented in such a way that the appropriate action is undertaken. The windows use map software, graphs, alarms, control checks, totals and key figures.

In addition, the software runs several checks that are not permanently displayed, in order to mention for example border crossings or to indicate when a PTO (Power Take-Off) is enabled or disabled, etc..