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Van Reenen Transport

The link between on-board computers and the TMS is very stable and robust. The combination of CarCube and Transpas Enterprise TMS gives a lot to Van Reenen.

The combination of CarCube on-board computers and the Transpas Enterprise TMS from Art Systems is worth a lot to Van Reenen Transport in Barneveld. Aart Hooijer, director of the logistical service provider, firmly believes this. The on-board computers linked to the TMS provide the company with much more insight into the transport activities than they previously had. “But the stability of the link between the two systems is at least as important. I can’t think of a time that it didn’t work.”

More insight

“The CarCube simply had the best technology and provided us with much more insight into our transport activities."

Aart Hooijer, Director Van Reenen Transport

Van Reenen Transport in Barneveld made the transition to using the CarCube carefully, step by step. The use of on-board computers from Trimble was a conscious decision. Aart Hooijer, director of the company explains: “Trimble simply had the best technology.”

Rich management data

After selecting Trimble on-board computers, Van Reenen started looking for a new transport management system (TMS). The combination of the two systems, together with FleetWorks from Trimble being used in the background, was needed to provide important management data. Hooijer: “We had almost no data. The CarCubes revealed a lot about our 30,000 trips, 300,000 stops and 14,000,000 kilometres each year with a total of over 200,000 transmissions,” says Hooijer. The revelation that the director is talking about also meant peace of mind for the planning department.

The choice of Transpas Enterprise from Art Systems as the Transport Management System (TMS) was made on the basis of the supplier profile, functionalities and future possibilities. “We are now assured of the possibility of being able to implement changes in the future,” says Hooijer. The director leaves no room for doubt that he is satisfied with the steps that Van Reenen has taken. “The reality is that as a company, you can’t stand still, even after an investment.” Hooijer explains that the choice of the TMS from Art Systems was based primarily on the flexibility that the supplier offers. 

CarCube also used in Boekhout Distributie vehicles

With his remark about the continual development of a business, Hooijer is alluding to changes like those that recently took place at Van Reenen. The company took over Boekhout Distributie. This takeover meant more than just integrating the activities and equipment from Boekhout. Van Reenen also had to make a choice between the Art Systems TMS and the TMS that was being used at Boekhout. The choice was made quite quickly. “Art Systems in combination with the CarCube and FleetWorks from Trimble for the back office works nicely. The link is stable and we know exactly what is and is not possible,” says project leader Jan van de Geer, who joined Van Reenen to optimise business processes.

The growing pains that Van Reenen is experiencing are part of a new chapter in the company’s development, which had been gradual and steady until then. The roots of the Van Reenen company go back almost a century. It first became established with ‘box-making’, as director Hooijer describes it. Since 1992, a different course has been set and the focus moved to providing groupage services. Hooijer sees the further expansion of Van Reenen as one of his most important tasks for the future. With the takeover of Boekhout Distributie, Van Reenen now has over a hundred tractor units. These have since all been equipped with the CarCube from Trimble. The data that the on-board computers supply is used to streamline planning activities.

Disruption information at the transmission level

The choice of the CarCube provided much more insight into their own transport activities. “This gives us disruption information at the transmission level. We can also make analyses that show which addresses cause the most disruption. This enables us to take action to make appropriate changes if necessary.”  The use of the CarCube provided peace of mind in the planning department. The workload and the telephone traffic with the planners fell significantly.

CarCubes provide cross-dock workers with insight

The use of the on-board computers gives planners insight as to the location of a vehicle and whether it will arrive on time. This data enables planners to inform the company’s customers better. More information is also available for the cross-dock operation at Van Reenen. Where the warehouse employees had no information about the arrival of a pallet before the installation of the CarCubes, now they do. Hooijer: “This information enables them to work more independently. Our warehouse employees no longer need to call the planners. For me, these are the best examples of how IT can help an organisation.” 

‘Keep looking for ways to improve’

The navigation options of the CarCube give drivers more peace of mind, but also offer options for operational efficiency. Van de Geer: “It is important to keep looking for ways to improve. Every change has to be monitored. The same applies to the menu on the CarCube and to monitoring the driving style.” At the office, there is an up to date overview of which drivers are proficient at using the CarCube, which ones need support, and which still sometimes make mistakes. “If the driver needs support, he is given extra instruction. Our planners oversee this process and give feedback to the drivers."

Smooth partnership

The CarCubes are installed by Van Reenen in house. The stability of the on-board computers is highly praised, as well as the link to the TMS. This link between the Trimble solution and the transport management system was created especially for Van Reenen. Van de Geer: “Credit goes to Hans de Heer, Project Manager at Trimble. He supported us tremendously with the process. He indicated the limits to us of what is and is not possible. It is a very robust link that processes a lot of data every day. And I couldn’t tell you when we had the last malfunction.”

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