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Van Mieghem Logistics

The on-board Trimble data processing system contributes to enhance the corporate identity of Van Mieghem Logistics

Van Mieghem Logistics carries pelletized industrial goods within Benelux, France and all Western and Southern European countries as far as Tunisia. The company has been working within the Astre group and they are part of the PaletSystem network. Traceability of goods is a requirement.  

Luc Van Mieghem, the CEO of the company, and Alain Trigallez, key account manager, explain their choice of Trimble's CarCubes and Geotracers:

The on-board Trimble data processing system contributes to enhance the corporate identity of the SME.

Professional services

"We have selected Trimble Transport & Logistics mainly because of the service. Trimble Transport & Logistics is a proof for high professionalism."

Luc Van Mieghem, CEO Van Mieghem Logistics

Geotracer : Integrated trailer positioning

Reactivity is an essential feature. Van Mieghem is very keen on observing the appointed delivery windows. 

Van Mieghem Logistics has bought 200 on-board CarCube computers for their tractors and has also installed complementary equipment: 300 Geotracer units for semitrailer tracking.

The trailer solution:

  • sends the position of a vehicle every 5 minutes
  • is provided with autonomous energy supply
  • has proven robustness (IP67 standard)
  • records the travelled distances
  • offers very good price-quality relationship
With a unique interface:
Geotracer is completely integrated in Trimble’s fleet management system FleetWorks and FleetCockpit.
The positions of the trailers are therefore displayed on the same maps as those of the tractor vehicles.
When a tractor is coupled to a trailer, its CarCube automatically identifies it and informs the company in real time.
"When an operator looks for a specific type of trailer to satisfy a customer’s demand, the Trimble FleetWorks software quickly identifies the latest coupling and the site where the vehicle is parked. This allows to analyze the use of the equipment and to better plan the maintenance of the trailers. And especially to keep an eye on the loaded goods”, Luc Van Mieghem commends.

Technical and commercial expertise

Van Mieghem disposes of a successful electronic information system, since their in-house planning software is completely interfaced with the Trimble software. 

“The technical integration with the on-board computers did not cause any problems”, he remarks. “The planning of tasks and their communication to the vehicles works well. The drivers receive their roadmaps, contact data and other information on their CarCube. Once they have completed a delivery, they validate their mission order. The confirmation reaches the operator in real time.”

Van Mieghem Logistics have selected Trimble Transport & Logistics mainly because of service issues. Before Luc Van Mieghem committed himself, he has tested Trimble during a few months.

"I have ascertained the technical and commercial quality of their experts, which was confirmed from the moment we started using the on-board computers up to this day. I appreciate the regular follow-up contact which is made available.”  “From a financial point of view, everything is included! There are no extra charges, unlike other suppliers on the market. For us, this has been a major decision criterion”, says Van Mieghem. 

The quality of its navigation system: focus on driving profiles

  • The drivers are directed by a professional GPS system which is integrated to the on-board computers.
  • Cartographies include “Truck Data” – specific driving restrictions with overhead clearance of bridges and prohibited routes for trucks over 3.5 t.
  • The destination is automatically loaded from the tour order or is entered by the driver on the touch screen.
  • The on-board navigation allows him to save time, kilometres and fuel.

“The Trimble product has proved its worth and fully meets our needs”, declares Alain Trigallez, key account manager of Van Mieghem Logistics, from the onset: after a small investigation among the users, he appreciates the positive response of his collaborators. “The operators as well as the drivers are very happy. It is a unanimous success! Furthermore, by being a member of the Astre group and regularly exchanging IT views with my colleagues, I was able to check the relevance of the Trimble product against its competitors.”

Luc Van Mieghem focuses on the management of driving profiles and technical data. Trimble’s ‘driving style’ feature, which analyses the data directly in the on-board unit, allows to involve the driving personnel into an economical and ecological driving behaviour.

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Reference Van Mieghem Logistics
Vehicle fleet

200 tractors and 300 trailers


National and international transports, logistics space in excess of 50,000 m², member of the Groupement Astre

Operating area



CarCube on-board computers and Geotracer units for trailer traceability

Integration to the in-house software


Keep an eye on your fleet and materials at all times

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