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TDL Group signs agreement for purchase of 300 CarCube onboard computers

Just before the end of 2012, the TDL Group in Houthalen signed an agreement for the installation of 300 Trimble CarCube onboard computers. CEO Stefan Wijns says about the choice for the introduction of the CarCube at the logistics service provider: “They enable us to respond even quicker and we certainly believe that we can make savings with this device. It was high time to invest in this telematic solution.”

The CEO of TDL leaves no doubt that he expects advantages thanks to the introduction of CarCube onboard computers. “We will never consider ourselves rich but there is certainly potential. Before we made a final decision as to which supplier we would like to work with, we had a good look around. I am convinced that we have made the right choice.

Measuring fuel consumption and monitoring drivers

TDL will be using CarCube onboard computers to measure fuel consumption and to monitor the driving style of drivers and truck navigation. By means of the handy FleetCockpit tool, the planners will guide drivers directly. The FleetWorks back office application in turn offers several reporting possibilities. Remuneration will also be automated.

CarCube deployed for serving five sectors

A striking aspect of TDL is that this logistics service provider carries out activities for customers in very diverse sectors. For instance, the group serves companies operating in the foodstuff, pharmaceutical and construction sectors. Furthermore, it carries out dedicated transport for an important customer in the clothing sector. All these sectors make specific demands on CarCube, notably the interactive menu for drivers. Wijns: “This was one of the reasons for opting for Trimble. Another reason is that the supplier has experience with connecting our TMS to the CarCube. But the most important reason why we chose Trimble is that they approached us for this project in the most pleasant manner. A good atmosphere was paramount.

Data in a single data warehouse

The data generated by the CarCube onboard computers together with those of NaviTrans TMS, transport management system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, are processed to a central data warehouse. These data can then be thoroughly analysed using a Business Intelligence tool and then used as a basis for business decisions. “This was a very conscious choice. We want all data to be adequately streamlined”, says Wijns.