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St. van den Brink

St. van den Brink makes a move towards the future with CarCube Truck Navigation and Driving Style Assistant.

“It’s impossible to imagine transportation and logistics today without ICT. As service provider, you have to be capable of jumping on any situation in real-time,” says Gerrit Jan Mulder, finance director with St. van den Brink in Ermelo. CarCube is an indispensable tool for this specialist in supplying well-known supermarket and retail chains.
Equally important is the part that the on-board computer plays in sustainable enterprise. “With the Driving Style Assistant our drivers stay alert to their consumption, which helps reduce costs and CO2 emissions,” Says Mulder. “The truck navigation system also ensures that they reach their destinations in the most efficient way.”

Navigation geared to truck

"If it saves you just one hour per truck on an annual basis, truck navigation has already paid for itself.”

Gerrit Jan Mulder, finance director St. van den Brink

Navigation geared to truck

St. van den Brink is one of the first carriers to install the Trimble truck navigation system in all its trucks equipped with CarCube. “Car navigation systems are increasingly posing problems, because a growing number of drivers have come to rely on them too much,” claims Mulder. “Trucks stray onto the wrong routes and then have to take the long route. Truck navigation systems prevent such situations. If it saves you just one hour per truck on an annual basis the system has already paid for itself.”

CarCube embraces ‘lean & green’

For some years, St. van den Brink has been very active in sustainable logistics. Besides cleaner and more efficient equipment plus introducing LHL’s and alternative fuels, CarCube has also played an important part in reducing CO2 emissions. “We started with FMS reporting in conjunction with the CANbus interface in 50 of our trucks. This allows us to follow our drivers’ driving style,” explains Mulder. “The reporting clearly shows where a driver in not coming up the mark. We can then give them targeted coaching.”
A next step in reducing consumption is using the Driving Style Assistant on CarCube. Mulder: “All drivers receive training in the New Driving. To help consolidate the effect of this training and the awareness that it is all about money, they subsequently use the Driving Style Assistant on the on-board computer. In this way, we expect to achieve a fuel saving of between 5 and 10%.”
Mulder’s experience is that, as the drivers’ driving behaviour changes, not only do consumption and CO2 emissions fall, but there is also a direct relation with the incidence of claims, vehicle park maintenance, safety and absenteeism. “In short, all the things that affect good business management and ensuring the continuity of St. van den Brink”, according to Mulder.

Good two-way relationship

St. van den Brink has been working with the CarCube onboard computer since 2007 and has extended its contract with Trimble Transport & Logistics until 2014. “We have had a good relationship with Trimble from the outset,” says Mulder. “They are reliable partners who think out solutions along with us and continuously develop the on-board computer.”
An example of this is fully integrating CarCube with the TMS Transpas Enterprise. “It makes for peace of mind and user-friendliness in the planning department, because they only need to work with the TMS,” says Mulder. The planners send all trips and messages directly from Transpas to the on-board computers, while the status and position information from the trucks is displayed on the TMS planning board. Also, Transpas immediately processes all order information that comes in via the CarCubes.
This also applies to the shipping documents that the drivers can scan en route using a document scanner connected to the onboard computer. Mulder: “The freight document is archived directly in the TMS and emailed automatically to our customer.”

Reference St. van den Brink
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

275 tractor units, of which 200 equipped with CarCube


supplying supermarket and retail chains, bulk transport, international transport, crane transport, warehousing

Operating area

Benelux, Germany, France


CarCube on-board computer
Integration with TMS Transpas Enterprise from Art Systems and FleetWatch hours/expenditure module from LogicWay


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