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Why CarCube?

Why choose CarCube?

Why would you choose for CarCube instead of another telematics solution? Our customers are in the best position to tell you why.

“It's just a great system; the best there is at the moment.”

Bert Vranckx, Manager of BE-Trans

These are the most mentioned reasons

  • User-friendliness of the system
  • Smooth integration with existing and new business applications
  • Professional project approach
  • Innovative technology
  • Stable and reliable
  • Great functionalities
  • The flexibilty of the Trimble team

"The simplicity and user-friendliness of the system were determining on their own. We were also convinced by the remarkably quick and simple integration with our existing back office systems. The basic principles were discussed in a few hours and the final implementation went just as smoothly. We were also taken with the professional project approach - particularly the manner in which ideas were shared - and the modern and innovative technology on which the CarCube solution is based", says Benny Smets, Managing Director Ninatrans

"We compared different systems and the CarCube was the best for us. The user-friendliness of the touch screen was very important, but it was especially the fact that you can configure and easily integrate the system. That integration went also very smoothly by the way. If there was a problem, I only had to call my project manager or account manager to get the ball rolling. That is impressive for a big company like Trimble Transport & Logistics", testifies Bert Vranckx, Manager of BE-Trans. And he concludes: "It's just a great system; the best there is at the moment."

"What played a decisive part in opting for Trimble Transport & Logistics was the fact that all functions are integrated into a single stable system. Moreover, we find Trimble Transport & Logistics more than just a reliable and innovative company that gives rapid feedback and communicates clearly; they also listen to the input of the end user, and that's a big asset", explains Martin Verwaal, Zijderlaan ICT Manager

"We had analysed much of the systems known in Germany. Ultimately, Trimble Transport & Logistics's complete solution with the CarCube was the most convincing, for it met all the requirements for a good cost-performance ratio," shares Claus Köppa, CEO of Sievert Handel Transporte. "The system also won us over because of its ease of use via touch screen, as well as its scalable technology, which allows us to integrate future applications. Another argument for the CarCube was its simple connection to our freight forwarding software. Ultimately, in our project team, we unanimously voted (6:0 votes) for the introduction of the CarCube."

At Jan de Rijk Logistics, the decision to switch to the CarCube was not made in a day. Following an extensive competitive selection process and a pilot project, the decision was taken in favour of Trimble Transport & Logistics. The decisive arguments supporting this choice were: the user-friendliness of the solution, especially for sending text messages or adjusting the question path, the seamless integration with existing business applications such as the scheduling application and the MDRS Pro payroll administration, as well as the possibilities offered by the analysis and reporting tool integrated in the CarCube solution.

The flexibility of the Trimble Transport & Logistics project team during the pilot phase and the smooth cooperation played an important role in the final choice.

After a thorough selection process, Ploeger deliberately selected the CarCube onboard computers. "We compared several systems in terms of functionality, stability, flexibility and price," says Adwin Ploeger, Manager of the Ploeger Group. "The CarCube scored best on all counts."

For Ploeger, the CarCube's potential for easy integration, the stability of the system and the project-based approach and strong market position of Trimble Transport & Logistics were major factors in choosing the solution. Ploeger shows his appreciation for the full task module, the CANbus link, the driving time assistant and driving style assistant. "Thanks to the CarCube's expanded features, we are able to keep improving our efficiency further in both the short and long term," adds Ploeger.

"Next to efficiency, the sustainability of our transport services also played a major part in this decision," says Lehnkering Chemical Transport GmbH CEO, Hans van den Bosch. "The CarCube is a flexible system that allows us to fulfil our responsibilities towards both the customers and the environment. The sequence of operations takes place more efficiently and CO2 emissions are sustainably reduced."

The freight forwarder Große-Vehne had given a five-member project team the task of analysing the leading telematics applications in Germany. Following a pre-selection round, six providers were given the opportunity to present their systems in writing, based on a comprehensive catalogue of specifications. Two were shortlisted out of that group. Their telematics solutions were subjected to a three-month field test. "The diversity of possible applications was the deciding factor in favour of the CarCube. The onboard computer not only facilitates the scheduling work, it also supports our drivers in aspects of safety and driving behaviour, and it shows us how driving time is used optimally so that fuel consumption can be reduced," such are the words used by Große-Vehne Managing Director, René Große-Vehne, to justify his company's decision to opt for the CarCube.