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Steering logistics

Steering and optimising the logistics chain with CarCube

As a third party(+) logistics provider, you offer your customers a logistics one-stop-shop concept: storage, inventory management, value-added logistics, transportation and distribution, all fully tailored to the customer's wishes. The CarCube supports these supply chain management services with innovative features.

Customize the question path on CarCube?

Contact us to know more about the customized question path on CarCube and the multiple possibilities to integrate with TMS/ERP or route planning partners?

CarCube monitors the supply chain

You put together a customised, detailed and targeted question path for the onboard computer. This makes sure that all the information that is relevant to your logistics services is input digitally: quantities delivered or taken, damages, defects, returns, packaging, etc. Your drivers record everything easily and quickly with the CarCube. This eliminates errors, speeds up your internal processes and improves customer service.

Open platform, full integration

The basis for further optimisation of the processes is reliable, complete and up-to-date information. With the CarCube, you not only have this data, but you can also share it readily with others. Thanks to the CarCube's open architecture, all the data that it holds can be easily integrated with other ICT solutions.

The real-time data coming from the onboard computers is processed in the TMS/ERP or route planning system without manual input, thus ensuring that everyone in the organisation always has up-to-date information. Internal processes such as the packaging administration and invoicing therefore run faster and more efficiently.
Your customers, too, can keep track of their orders at all times. Through the CarCube, they get online access to the status of their deliveries, or the data from your back office software is forwarded to your customer's ICT solution.

Customers testify

By using the CarCube, the logistics service provider Hammer is able to track its shipments optimally. "We have found that more and more customers think it is important for them to track their shipments the whole way," says Fleet Manager, Stefan Küpper. "By integrating our barcode scanning system with the CarCube, we can offer them access to all the electronic data, from receiving the goods through transport up to the moment they are delivered."

"For me, the advantages of the CarCube are as clear as day: everyone benefits fully from it," says Bertil ter Maat, Managing Director of Wim Bosman Transport. "This takes pressure off planning: barely two people manage 150 vehicles inland. These lorries make about 20 stops every day. However, we are able to follow them seamlessly. The drivers know that accurate recording leads to an accurate salary calculation. And the customer knows exactly where he stands: he tracks his deliveries in real-time on the Wim Bosman tracking & tracing website."
Thanks to the open platform of the CarCube, the European 3PL+ logistics service provider added several new features to its transportation management system, including a precise recording of standing times. Ter Maat: "Is a driver spending too much time with a customer? Through the CarCube, we immediately get clear answers. Is it always with the same customer? Always the same driver? This important data results in a more accurate calculation of costs and better route planning."

"Thanks to deploying CarCube, the comprehensive packaging administration is also having a positive effect on costs. The drivers record the packaging on the on-board computer, which is linked to the packaging module in the TMS. This eliminates time-consuming, error-prone registration later on," according to Peter De Vries of G. Snel BV and Management Partners BV.

"If we want to be able to offer our customers perfect logistics, handling of business processes and data must also be harmonised. Thanks to the flexible features of the CarCube, combined with our software, we can manage complex logistics processes accurately and proactively," says Sven Vogel, Director of Information Technology and member of the Board of Lehnkering GmbH. "This is an important milestone for us, in order to be able to implement a seamless process integration of our customers' IT systems all the way to our drivers."