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Satisfying your customers

Satisfied customers give your business the right to exist. Successful players in transport and logistics recognise this and adapt their strategy and organisation accordingly. After all, customers are responsible for your sales and generating profits.

However, customers are becoming more and more demanding: not only the price but also the level of service is critical in choosing a logistics partner. This requires you to think with your customers, develop new services, further raise the level of service, and to offer competitive pricing.

With the CarCube you have the right tool in-house to achieve this optimisation goal and ensure the sustainability of your organisation.

Is your customers’s satisfaction also your top priority?

Contact us for a live demo of our dispatchers tool FleetCockpit or our back-office application FleetWorks.

Rapid feedback

With FleetCockpit, planning officers always have within reach real-time data that is always accurate and well ordered. This allows them to have rapid feed-back and, where necessary, to rebook deliveries, plan emergency orders, and timely warn customers of delays.

Through the back-office application FleetWorks, you are also able to give your customers online access to the status of their deliveries. The recipe for happy customers!

Customers testify

"It's impossible to imagine transportation and logistics today without ICT. As service provider, you have to be capable of jumping on any situation in real-time," says Gerrit Jan Mulder, finance director with St. van den Brink in Ermelo. "CarCube is an indispensable tool."

"Thanks to the CarCube, the planners can always keep track of the position of the vehicles, which takes a lot of the pressure off them. Even our customers can access FleetWorks so they can track their cargo in real-time," says Peter Appel, Manager of Peter Appel Transport. "Transparency and efficiency are two key words in our culture and our customers appreciate this."

"As freight forwarders we often work at the transport centres of our customers," explains Sarrazain Transport Manager, Lionel Sarrazain. "We make nightly connections between the different sites of the major courier service groups in France (the Post, GLS, Geodis, DHL, etc.) and must be able to locate our trailers. This is where we use the CarCube with trailer ID. We also provide precise timetables to our clients with the departure and arrival times of their cargo. This is an additional service that fits well with our quality policy."