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Return on investment

When purchasing an onboard computer system, the emphasis is often placed mainly on the investment rather than on the return that it delivers. This is partly due to the fact that the Return On Investment (ROI) for ICT solutions cannot always be expressed in hard figures. Things like the progress of the implementation and the functionality used will affect the onboard computer's ROI.

In practice, however, the CarCube demonstrates again and again that it is in fact the ROI that deserves attention: Trimble Transport & Logistics customers recoup the cost of the onboard computer in a remarkably short time. Investing in the CarCube means lowering your costs, raising your efficiency and expanding your service offering!

Interested in finding the ROI opportunities in your fleet?

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The right decision at the right time

The CarCube provides a timely and efficient information exchange between drivers, scheduling and customers. Communication costs are reduced as a result, and your planners can take the right decision at the right time. This leads to the optimisation of the route planning and unnecessary costs are avoided by taking appropriate action when problems threaten to happen.

But planning is not the only area to benefit from the deployment of the CarCube. The real-time data coming from the onboard computers is processed in your back office system without manual input, thus ensuring that everyone in your organisation always has up-to-date information. Processes such as administration, invoicing and payment therefore run faster and more efficiently.

Know your costs with the CarCube

As a transportation and logistics entrepreneur, you are familiar with the relentless competition in the sector. Competitive pricing and high efficiency are prerequisites if you want to operate profitably under these circumstances. A quick look at your cost is not a luxury, but a necessity! In this respect, the CarCube is an extremely reliable tool: the onboard computer provides all the data for quick and accurate costing.

Customers testify

We have already largely recovered the investment in the CarCube and I can honestly say that I cannot imagine transport without a digital fleet management system anymore,” confides Koops Transport CEO, Jan van Heerewaarden. “I estimate that we save annually more than 100,000 euro by reducing telephone and personnel costs alone, and through other efficiency improvements; not mentioning failure costs and administrative savings.”

"Thanks to the extremely detailed FMS reports in FleetWorks we are now able to trace and direct our drivers' road habits better. Just preventing wasted fuel consumption when parked or in a queue gives us a saving of 8% or 23,200 euros/month for our whole fleet of 160 vehicles. A quick calculation shows that we have very rapidly earned back our investment in CarCube onboard computers. And further: we earn money every day with CarCube!", explains Klaus Beckonert, Business Manager at Greiwing Transport.

“I am convinced that, with the CarCube, our services have risen to the next level,” says De Wit Transport Managing Director, Cees de Wit. “We are able to better inform our clients, reduce our communication costs and, thanks to a greatly improved efficiency, keep growing with the current occupancy.”

"Thanks to the locatability of the vehicles and the order placement on the CarCube, many telephone calls that we would have had to make before become superfluous,” says Kläsener-Kunigk, Shipping Manager at Hubert Kläsener.

“This system will amply pay for itself, if only because of time savings. What used to take a short week with the payroll, now requires only half a day,” says BE-Trans Manager, Bert Vranckx.

"Before we had CarCube, I spent four days a month processing the time registration. Thanks to CarCube, that has been cut to only one day, and the number of anomalies has dropped sharply. Time registration is more objective, and that keeps everyone satisfied", says Martin Verwaal, ICT Manager of Zijderlaan.

“The Trimble Transport & Logistics solution costs me around € 3 per day and per vehicle. The return on investment is almost immediate!” says Transports Sail Manager, Jean-Francois Sail. “Already, the savings on the telephone use and overtime of my drivers justify the investment. Other benefits are less quantifiable but nonetheless real: the user-friendliness, the time savings and the customer service. In short, it's an excellent product.”