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Be Lean & Green

Is lean and green management also important for you?

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Be lean & green

Sustainable entrepreneurship has passed the hype stage. Its importance is now recognised throughout our society. In the transport and logistics sector, shippers and their logistics partners are increasingly joining forces in order to work more efficiently and thus reduce our burden on the environment.

A higher efficiency and sustainability are central to all CarCube applications. Optimisation of processes such as scheduling, administration, invoicing and the supply of information to your customers contributes to a lean organisation. This way, you can take on with confidence both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in your sector. In doing so, you can always count on Trimble Transport & Logistics: we continue to innovate to support your lean & green management with state-of-the-art features!

Sustainable and efficient

The CarCube gives you the opportunity to take measures, within your own organisation, to protect the environment. This goes hand in hand with cost control: saving fuel and kilometres not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also your costs.

The CarCube offers a unique tool to help your drivers adopt and maintain an ecologically responsible driving style: the Driving Style Assistant to support the driver in real-time in conjunction with the FMS reporting for a quick and effective driving style analysis at home. The driver’s improved behaviour not only has a positive effect on consumption and CO2 emissions. Experience shows that there is also a direct relation with the incidence of claims, maintenance of vehicles, safety and absenteeism.

Sustainable and efficient transport is also a cornerstone of the Trimble Transport & Logistics truck navigation. This navigation system takes into account the limitations applicable to trucks and guides your drivers along the most efficient route to their destination. This prevents unnecessary detours - and thus reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Customers testify

The German transport company Hermann Bussmann uses the vehicle data measurement and analysis functions of the digital Driving Style Assistant to further reduce its operating costs through lower fuel consumption. “Before, we were unable to determine the exact fuel consumption of individual trucks, and it often took a while before the average weekly consumption was made available to us. In addition, we could then only speculate as to why the fuel consumption figures were so high,” says Managing Partner, Jens Bussmann.

“With the help of the CarCube it is now possible to view vehicle data directly and as a result identify accurately the causes of a high fuel consumption. With the Driving Style Assistant our drivers stay alert to their consumption, which helps reduce costs and CO2 emissions,” says Gerrit Jan Mulder, finance director with St. van den Brink. “The truck navigation system also ensures that they reach their destinations in the most efficient way.”

A central theme in G. Snel's policy is reducing CO2 emissions. The logistics provider has undertaken a variety of measures to achieve this. "In early 2010, we switched to lighter distribution trucks with cleaner, leaner engines," explains Peter De Vries of G. Snel B.V. and Management Partners B.V.. "In addition, we are focusing on lowering fuel consumption. The Driving Style Assistant on CarCube is an important aid in this." The result is a fuel saving of 8%. In just a short time G. Snel has already been able to achieve its target of ‘20% less CO2 emissions by 2012', for which in 2010 the company won a Lean&Green Award!


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