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Snel Logistic Solutions

'The Driving Style Assistant is honest and efficient: we see exactly what our driver sees.'

Snel Logistic Solutions saves time in administration work and generates ands saves percentages in fuel costs.

Savings in personnel and fuel costs.

"The interfacing of the on-board computers with FleetHours means that we can reduce our personnel requirement by one half-time employee. A saving of this magnitude is welcome to any haulier, particularly since personnel constitute one of the main cost items."

Gert Snel, Director of Snel Logistic Solutions

Snel Logistic Solutions attaches great importance to communicating the right image. The keys to this, as company director Gert Snel explains, are innovation and transparency. Innovation with respect to its customers, and transparency for both its customers and  its own drivers. Snel gave very careful consideration to the right means of reinforcing the company's image. A conscious decision was finally made for Trimble's CarCube. "A market survey showed that CarCube was the best solution."

Snel Logistic Solutions had already made the necessary preparations in the preceding years. The implementation by the haulier was based to a large degree upon IT. Says Snel: "This is a crucial aspect. The company can only develop further if the computer side functions perfectly. We have succeeded in integrating the various different systems that we use extremely effectively with each other. I see the CarCube as an indispensable link within this arrangement."

CarCube signals that the driving time limit will soon be reached

The director attaches great importance to transparency, with respect to both his employees and the customer. With the Driving Style and Driving Time Assistant, this transparency has acquired a new dimension. "It is now even easier for our planners to monitor our drivers' driving patterns. We see exactly what our drivers see. But they know this. We have also set up the on-board computers such that if there is a problem with the driving style, the driver receives a message. And when the maximum driving time has almost been reached, the CarCube reminds him to start looking for a place to park." The options now open to planners and drivers are a direct result of the decision to use Trimble on-board computers. Snel Logistic Solutions began the selection process in 2010. For this purpose, the company launched a market survey, seeking on-board computer systems that scored highly in the areas of innovation, costs, service and flexibility. "In the survey, Trimble came out top of the list."

Swift integration

The discussions with Trimble revealed that the CarCubes had already been coupled numerous times to the Ortec TD driving and route planning solution and the LogicWay wages and expenses software. The three systems work effectively in combination. "We can transfer the information to and from Carcube at the touch of a button. This automation saves us a lot of re-keying. It enables us to respond to developments more quickly, and makes the company even more efficient."

Five percent time savings in administration work

In a sector with razor-sharp margins, every little saving counts. "The automatic processing of reports and orders cuts a good 5% net off the required administration time. The interfacing of the on-board computers with FleetHours means that we can reduce our personnel requirement by one half-time employee." A saving of this magnitude is welcome to any haulier, particularly since personnel constitute one of the main cost items.

Three to five percent saving in fuel

Fuel is another major cost item. Snel has already achieved a direct saving in this area: "The Driving Style Assistant has enabled us to cut fuel consumption by 3 to 5%. But there are certainly more savings to be had." According to the director, a 3% saving in fuel translates into an annual saving of 153,500 litres of diesel for Snel Logistic Solutions. The savings that have been made to date are also welcome for another reason. Snel Logistic Solutions is competing for the Lean & Green Award. As a result, the company has set itself the goal of reducing the CO2emissions of its operations by 20% by no later than 2015.

Reducing the distance travelled empty

CO2emissions can be reduced in a number of ways. Snel mentions a specific example: "The CarCube enables us to reduce the distances travelled empty. For this to be possible, however, our master data must be properly organized." Until very recently, for example, drivers were occasionally given an incorrect loading address because the address had been entered incorrectly in the TMS."Correct data are extremely important. We are therefore currently in the process of checking and if necessary correcting a backlog of data. The interface between the WMS and the TMS on the one side and CarCube on the other is helping us in this task. Any errors that arise are immediately visible. Incidentally, the Trimble database is very good, much better than that of our TMS."

Computerization – the key to success

Snel considers computerization to be the key to success, now and in the future. "The benefits of computerization are primarily seen by those who want to take it further. I'm in that category. We shouldn't regard technology and telematics as an expensive alternative to a typewriter." The interconnected hardware and software also deliver data that can be accessed by the haulier from any location, through an Internet portal. "What's neat about this solution is that if something goes wrong, we don't have to go to the office to sort it out, but can log in from home." The Internet portal also enables the company's planners to compose multi-drop shipments. At the same time, customers are able to track their deliveries themselves. "And the most important aspect of this is that we can avoid annoying discussions, for example concerning waiting times. This has resulted in a huge improvement. Customers no longer call us to ask what has happened to their shipments; they check online instead."


Reference Snel Logistic Solutions
Number of employees

More than 300

Vehicle fleet

Approx. 200 tractor units


Transport & logistics in Europe

Operating area

Benelux and Europe


CarCube on-board computer
Integration: involving the Ortec TD journey and route planning solution, the wages and expenses software FleetHours, the Greencat TMS Cat4Road Haulier and the Davanti-MLS WMS


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