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Temperature management

Real-time remote temperature management

Errors are not allowed when transporting temperature-sensitive goods. To make sure of this, the CarCube connected to wireless sensors inside the refrigerated compartment can tell the driver and the planning team in real-time what the temperature is in the trailer, even when it is uncoupled. Perfect for letting you take action at once when needed.

How does it work?

The technology used is a radio-frequency link developed by several partners specialised in temperature monitoring. A transmitter/receiver using temperature sensors (sensor tags) is placed in the various compartments to be managed. A central receiver installed in the vehicle cab and connected directly to the CarCube on-board computer collects all the transmitted data in real time.

This communication link allows permanent real-time management, checking, monitoring and manipulation of temperatures. If temperatures go outside the set limits, alarms are signaled in the cab to alert the driver. These alarms are generated and transmitted in real time to the FleetWorks application allowing various temperature data to be managed over a simple Internet connection:

  • monitoring the temperatures in the trailers present on the site
  • monitoring the temperatures in the vehicles on the road
  • sending alerts by e mail or text messaging if the programmed limits are exceeded
  • producing tracking reports for the temperatures recorded, which can also be in graphical format
  • producing reports giving histories of temperature-controlled transports
  • ready-to-use reports for regulatory bodies and internal audits