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Safe on the road

Safety is one of the top priorities in transport: for drivers, cargo and other road users. You have to meet strict requirements imposed by the authorities. In addition, the prevention of theft and accidents is very important, for you, your customers and the drivers. Not only in terms of costs but also because of the huge impact these events have on your organisation and your employees. Safety is yet another area where the CarCube offers you far-reaching support.

Is safety and your drivers’ happiness also important for you?

We will be glad to give you a demo of CarCube with focus on truck navigation, driving style and time assistant. Contact us today.

Relax behind the wheel

The CarCube relieves your drivers of time consuming paperwork. Thanks to clear driving assignments, effective communication and audiovisual warnings, the driver can focus his full attention on the road.
While driving, the unique combination of the Driving Style Assistant and FMS driving style reporting ensure a calmer and therefore safer driving behaviour. Relaxation and safety are also central to the Trimble Transport & Logistics truck navigation. This navigation system knows the characteristics of a given lorry and therefore avoids unsuitable secondary roads and residential areas as much as possible. As a result, your drivers are relaxed behind the wheel and the inconvenience to other road users is minimised!

Drive safely and avoid penalties

A driver who drives for too long is a danger to his environment, no doubt about that, but if subjected to a check, you will also face hefty fines. This situation will be avoided with the CarCube. Using audiovisual signals, the Driving Time Assistant warns the driver when he is approaching the maximum authorised driving time, while planning is always keeping track of the driving time already used and the time still available. Moreover with the CarCube, you can read remotely all the driving and rest times recorded by the tachograph.

The precious cargo is in good hands

The onboard computer lets you know where your tractors and trailers are at all times, and which driver is behind the wheel. You are also able to monitor the condition of your cargo with the CarCube. Consequently, not only are you certain that this cargo is being transported under the right circumstances, you can also show it: the CarCube holds a record for the temperature and the opening/closing of the loading doors.

Customers testify

Frédéric Derumeaux, Operations manager at Transports Vervaeke, considers optimum driving habits very important: "Because safety is so important in our business, we pay a lot of attention to our drivers' road habits. Via the CarCube, linked to the CANbus, we notice immediately if a certain driver takes an unauthorised diversion. We can this trace every lost kilometre, we know what his speed and consumption are, how often he has braked, what his revs were at specific times etc. Based on an analysis of this information, we give the driver a score. If it is too low, we intervene to adjust these driving habits via a course. This not only means a not to be underestimated saving on fuel and maintenance costs, but also less risk of accidents."