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Zentis uses the Trimble telematics solution for end-to-end transport documentation

• 80 vehicles equipped with CarCube
• Open interfaces crucial
• Bonus model using the CarCube's driving style assistant

Andreas Biermeier, CEO of Zentis Logistik Service GmbH, explains the benefits: "Improved communication between the driver and the dispatch personnel means our jobs are now sent and processed significantly faster." With the open interfaces, jobs are sent directly from the WinSped freight administration software to the CarCube display. "This takes the pressure of dispatch and less time is spent on the phone. We've managed to bring the number of misunderstandings between drivers and dispatch personnel right down," says Andreas Biermeier. It is also very easy to integrate subcontractors which also use CarCube. "The CarCube now gives us access to all relevant transport data such as fuel consumption, location and load, allowing end-to-end documentation," adds Andreas Biermeier.

Easy integration with open interfaces

Following an extended period spent testing different telematics systems, Zentis decided to equip its entire fleet of 80 vehicles with the Trimble solution. "Apart from the better price, the open interfaces were crucial to our decision," says Andreas Biermeier. The WinSped software solution could be connected without difficulty, as could Zentis's inhouse system for reducing empty running. Special racks allow empty food containers to be hung from the ceiling of trailers. "That means we can carry other products on our way back from customers," explains Andreas Biermeier. The CarCube shows how many containers are hanging from the ceiling and calculates the space available. The sequence of queries specially developed by Trimble helps to optimise the cargo space and cut down on empty running.

Bonus model guarantees savings

The CarCube driving style assistant was developed by Zentis Logistik Service GmbH, and is a transparent system that rewards drivers for driving economically and sustainably. Telemetry data such as acceleration, braking behaviour and empty running times are used to analyse the driving behaviour. The driver can see various bars on the CarCube, indicating whether he/she is in the bonus range. "We have managed to reduce fuel consumption significantly using the system," says Andreas Biermeier. The bonuses are paid to drivers every six months. The CarCube is a real favourite among drivers because it is so easy to use and because the processes are transparent.

Zentis specialises in food logistics, temperature-controlled transport, and fresh and frozen goods transport. Customers in the food industry and in retail benefit from deliveries several times a day.

Reference Zentis
Number of employees

> 1900 worldwide

Vehicle fleet

80 vehicles equipped with CarCube


Specialisation in food logistics, temperature-controlled transport, and fresh and frozen goods transport.


Integration: WinSped freight administration software