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Telematics solution of Trimble Transport & Logistics monitors Andrzej Wędzikowski’s fleet

Everything at hand with CarCube

The Wędzikowski Group’s fleet totals fifty semitrailer trucks, thirty of which are operated in Poland while the remaining twenty hit the roads of Germany, the Benelux countries and France. The fleet is managed from a site in Sławno near Poznań, supported by the telematics system and CarCube on-board computers provided by Trimble Transport & Logistics.

Reliable system

"What’s most important is that Trimble’s system is fully reliable. It works smoothly both on the computer and on my smartphone."

Łukasz Wróblewski, dispatcher at Andrzej Wędzikowski.

The company specializes in carriage of steel coils on semitrailers with coil wells and in tire transport on mega semitrailers. The fleet outside Poland carries out cabotage transport operations within the Benelux countries and between the UK, France and Germany.
We pride ourselves on timely deliveries and we enable our clients to track goods entrusted with us,” said Łukasz Wróblewski, a dispatcher at Andrzej Wędzikowski.

Drivers in sight all the time

Before Andrzej Wędzikowski decided to implement Trimble’s telematics system, he had used solutions of other suppliers, but he was not pleased with them.
They kept hanging up and were not configured with the digital tachographs. Those problems are now long gone since we had CarCubes fixed in our vehicles a year and a half ago. We can monitor and register each move of the driver. The quality of customer service is now much higher with document scanning and emailing immediately after the destination has been reached,” said Andrzej Wędzikowski.

Top-notch performance

Trimble was chosen following a thorough review of similar solutions offered by other suppliers. The scanner to send delivery documents right away was a must for any on-board computer.

That’s what is expected of us for example by our UK partners contracting tire transport. Not all telematics systems offer on-board computers with a scanner. Another benefit of the CarCube computer is the in-built telephone which helps us save on mobile costs and there’s no limit on characters in short text messages unlike with other systems where you sometimes have to text several times to get your message across. What’s most important, however, is that Trimble’s system is fully reliable. It works smoothly both on the computer and on my smartphone,” said Łukasz Wróblewski.

Immediate savings

Trimble’s system began to be implemented at Andrzej Wędzikowski in mid-2012. It was a major one-time investment as all its semitrailer trucks were equipped with CarCube on-board computers in a single operation.

The investment started paying off very quickly and now we can reap its full benefits such as real-time monitoring of the driving style which brought down fuel consumption right away. We know how many times and in what circumstances the driver pressed the brake or gas pedals or how long he was running at idle where fuel consumption is the lowest. We also get information on the use of cruise control. In winter we know how much fuel was consumed for driving and how much for heating at stopovers,” says Andrzej Wędzikowski.

Krzysztof Pusłowski, Sales & Project Manager Poland, Trimble T&L, claims that Trimble’s telematics system perfectly fits in with the dynamic growth of the Andrzej Wędzikowski company.
It helps to streamline costs and monitor all the vehicles across Europe. Through seamless cooperation with the managers of the Wędzikowski Group and their openness to state-of-the-art IT solutions, we managed to implement the system smoothly and to make available all of its functions,” adds Krzysztof Pusłowski.

About Andrzej Wedzikowski

The Wędzikowski Group has been present on the Polish market of transport and freight-forwarding services since 2001. With 50 employees, it specializes in LCL and FCL cargo, transit across Europe and Poland, combined road transportation and goods distribution nationwide. Wędzikowski also offers a full range of warehousing services.

Reference Wedzikowski
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

50 trucks

60 trailers

Operating area

Europe and Poland


CarCube, integrated with the TMS