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Transports Aubry

Aubry fleet reduces ecological footprint with 7% thanks to Trimble's on-board solution

As a member of the Tred Union group, Transports Aubry has equipped its fleet with the CarCube on-board computer from Trimble Transport & Logistics since 3 years now. The logistics provider measures his progress in terms of consumption ... and CO2.

Reduce your ecological footprint

"The Trimble solution has enabled us to reduce our emissions by 7%."

Alain Bontemps, Logistics and IT Director at Transports Aubry

To save seven points on consumption after three years of activity, it is quite a lot! Transports Aubry makes a full use of the on-board computer from Trimble Transport & Logistics: it is used both to reduce operating costs and to achieve the company's environmental objectives.
92 trucks are equipped with CarCube computers.  They also use the FleetWorks software, which is both "a great operating tool, a decision support and a system allowing to correct driving faults and to train at best the  drivers" says Alain Bontemps, logistics and IT director at Transports Aubry.

This SME has the benefit of hindsight with regards to the Trimble on-board computer.  It assesses its progress in terms of CO2: "We have reduced our emissions from 1048 g CO2/km in 2011 to 1002 g CO2/km in 2012 and 978 g CO2/km in 2013.  This fits with the 7% reduction objective we are committed to since we signed the ADEME CO2 Charter in 2010.  In this process, the impact of the  CarCube is essential and all the more obvious because we renewed very few vehicles during this period.  The savings are thus primarily due to a far more efficient fleet management."

Decisive profiles

The logistics provider is pleased with the "largely profitable investment" which made him reconsider his drivers support policy.  "The Trimble solution includes a driving style evaluation program. This was a decisive criterion for us while choosing our on-board computer supplier."  And Alain Bontemps explains the practical functioning of the tool: "On the dashboard, drivers see  remarks in real time. This allows everyone to become aware smoothly of points to improve.  A day begins with a 100% full green bar.  The indicator evolves depending on 5 parameters (speed, rev/min, acceleration, deceleration and engine running while stationary).  Drivers lose points for abrupt braking, excessive accelerating or not cutting off the engine while stationary for more than 60 seconds, for instance. They can recover them by correcting their driving style.  The  CarCube allows us to distinguish different drivers for one truck and one route.  But most important, this system gently invites everyone to a better awareness of points to improve."

Federate drivers

Result: 100 drivers were trained in the last three years, on the basis of FleetWorks technical reports.  "Today we organize our trainings starting with the drivers who consume the most.  In 2014, 40 drivers will be accompanied by an external trainer who relies on the Trimble reports.  Consumption results are also displayed in the company."
What about the feedback from the company staff ?  "I saw the most reluctant drivers appreciate their CarCubes and no longer imagine driving without them", says the director.  The computer federates our staff and involves them in the company policy."

4% less empty kilometers

In order to optimize flow management, the permanent contact between the CarCube and  the back-office creates undeniable benefits.  The data transmission is automated. "We saved 60% on telephony since we communicate with our drivers through text messages.  In a single click of mouse, a mission is sent to a driver.  Moreover, we have a real-time view on all mission statuses, with a summary of all recorded anomalies and with traceable routes. Clients are informed in real time via the Trimble website.  The arrival times on site are estimated with precision and allow us to be more reactive for reloads."
Here again, the result is clear and figured: "The CarCube has enabled us to save 4% on empty kilometers."

Transports Aubry

Logistics provider Transports Aubry, from Rambervillers (88) in Lorraine, has a fleet of 92 trucks and 120 trailers. They handle general cargo, palletized or in bulk, nationally and internationally, especially in the Benelux.

Reference Transports Aubry
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

92 trucks and 120 trailers


The company handles general cargo, palletized or in bulk.

Operating area

National and international transport, especially in the Benelux


Integration with ItemTran

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